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Publishers Information Day 2014

Klopotek organized an information day for publishers on 22 May. Many Klopotek customers as well as companies that are interested in our publishing software and concepts for the future came to this event.
This year's PID took place at a very special location, the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam.

Check out the Agenda (PDF)

Pictures of the 2014 event

Picture of the PID tweeted by @basbaalmans

Publishers Information Day @Klopotek_AG met @noordhoff pic.twitter.com/WIcswoTAmx

— Bas Baalmans (@basbaalmans) 22. Mai 2014

Videos Publishers Information Day 2014 Amsterdam

Publishers Information Day 2013

Contracts, Rights & Royalties: Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital World

Over the years there has been a proliferation of products stemming from content and the digital era is compounding this. Now add globalization, new delivery platforms and the rapidity of change and you have entered a whole new arena of challenge for the publishing professional. The Publishers Information Day (PID), organized by Klopotek UK, addressed these challenges and invited a number of speakers to share thoughts and ideas.

Find out more about the event and the speakers here.

Impressions PID 2013

Graham Bell, EDItEUR
Oliver Gadsby, Rowman & Littlefield
Robin Mackay Miller, Pearson; Nicole Sarna, HarperCollins; Alison Lindsay, Klopotek
Katy Loffman, Rights Solutions
Vivek Dubey, Klopotek
Anthony Finn, Maverick
Robin Mackay Miller, Pearson; Nicole Sarna, HarperCollins; Alison Lindsay, Klopotek
Sheila Bounford, Off the page ideas
Coffee at RSA

Participants Statements


Oliver Gadsby - Rowman & Littlefield

Robin Mackay Miller - Pearson; Nicole Sarna - Harper Collins; Alison Lindsay - Klopotek

Alison Lindsay - Klopotek

Anthony Finn - Maverick

Graham Bell - EDItEUR

Katy Loffman - Rights Solutions

Sheila Bounford - Off the page ideas