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Ticketing runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for user interaction across all types of devices (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone), as modern publishers need a flexible tool – accessible from anywhere – which processes all internal and external queries, tasks, issues, and bugs in a transparent way and allows multiple teams to work in a coordinated workflow. Otherwise they risk to lose information and time and not to deliver the best possible customer service.

Utilizing this Web App, business partners can address their requests, complaints or issues in a structured manner. Status information, priorities, and alerts ensure clear work processes from the moment a new ticket has been created until it has been closed.

Analysis options of the App can reveal weaknesses and problems in certain departments of a company and thus contribute to general improvements.

Klopotek Ticketing can be used for both internal and external ticket management including approvals. Based on ticket type and categories, the App delivers different workflow routings. Tickets which have been created are connected to related e-mails and documents. Service managers have a clear overview of what’s going on utilizing a Ticket Dashboard. All tickets can be forwarded through the entire organization and alert the recipients with an e-mail and a notification in the Klopotek ‘My Tasks’ Dashboard (with a direct link to the respective ticket).

Ticketing is an essential part of Klopotek’s unique combination of technologies for handling all CRM requirements – browser-based and on all types of devices. Download a brochure which explains all of this in full detail here.


  • Easy ticket creation and processing; structured and transparent ticket resolution process
  • Automated ticket creation from website and external emails
  • Extensive ticket monitoring: ticket history, flexible dashboards, report builder
  • Workflow support with routings, alerts, approval processes and caller scripts
  • Flexible triggers and predefined actions
  • Synchronization of tasks with Outlook, including remarks and attachments
  • Copy functions for easy ticket creation
  • Self-explanatory ticket navigation through ticket resolution process
  • Integrated with the Klopotek Business Partner Pool
  • No loss of information or time
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High service levels guaranteed