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STREAM CRR is now ready for market

Klopotek, provider of solutions to the publishing industry, has created a technology that is state-of-the-art in usability and handling, leaving the limitations of Client-Server technology behind: the cloud-based platform STREAM.

We took a unique approach to secure the business of our customers, preventing them from being forced to switch technology and systems all at once by having a ‘big bang migration’: this strategy is called the ‘dual technology stack’. Following this approach, Klopotek STREAM was developed using the same data model and configuration framework as the Client-Server solution does.

STREAM development follows an exceptionally user-centric approach that creates a new, unrivalled user experience on top of the functional power of the Klopotek solution. The STREAM technology stack by design allows a significant reduction in operational and infrastructure costs in comparison to employing Client-Server software.

Klopotek built a global team of developers and publishing experts working in six countries around the world dedicated to build state-of-the-art cloud-based apps and to provide reliable consulting services.

Our system covers the end-to-end process of the publishing business. We created a global solution in one physical installation to support our customers’ business split over different countries, languages, currencies, and metrics. No other software solution provider does that.

Our strategy has made Klopotek the solution to be used for calculating the royalties for more than 1.5 M authors’ contracts on more than 4.5 B publishers’ revenue, managing more than 4 M titles and 3 M subscriptions worldwide in 8 languages.

Klopotek is now ready for market with our CRR solution implemented in the modern, future-proof STREAM technology. The full STREAM CRR suite helps our customers in the area of contracts, rights, and royalties to move away from the cost-intensive Client-Server solution spending money on Citrix or other technologies. It is highly performant guaranteeing response times in less than a second for searches of hundreds of thousands of titles. It provides the usability which has been discussed in our industry for so long helping your staff to maintain the business more quickly and in a better and self-intuitive way: we created a one-of-a-kind experience for handling key processes.

  • Summarizing the USPs of Klopotek STREAM, we provide:

  • Access to new functionality
  • Excellent user productivity and unique user experience
  • Standardization of business processes enterprise-wide
  • Alignment with latest technologies
  • High scalability & availability supporting small and enterprise publishers
  • Excellent performance and user response times
  • Automated functional and non-functional quality assurance
  • Adoption of industry-standard technology / open standards
  • Comprehensive integration framework with REST APIs
  • Optimized for low operational costs

We are proud of our customers who decided up to now to join the STREAM movement. By doing so, about 3,500 of our users have been enabled to use STREAM applications. We appreciate their support investing in the technology of the future, Klopotek STREAM, the cloud solution for the publishing business worldwide. 

Download the press release [PDF file]