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Interview with Rüdiger Wischenbart on publishing

In a new episode of our podcast, Rüdiger Wischenbart shares his insights and interesting accounts of how the publishing landscape has evolved and where he sees it heading in the future.  Listen to it on your favourite platform or click here: https://klopotek-publishing-radio.simplecast.com/episodesweiterlesen

New Podcast Episode on University Presses

A new episode of our podcast Klopotek Publishing Radio is now available: Episode 6: Exploring Open Access at a University Press – An Interview with Elizabeth Scarpelli. The director of the University of Cincinnati Press talks about how the press has taken a unique path to publish by repositioning its relationship with the university, creating…weiterlesen

Transformationsprojekt hin zu STREAM: Neumann Verlage

Transformationsprojekt, das auch die moderne STREAM-Plattform einschließt: Der Projektumfang bestand aus der Ausweitung der wesentlichen Nutzungsbereiche von DUMONT Kalender auf alle Handelsverlage der Dr. Neumann-Wolff AG Gruppe, der Transformation von der Klopotek Classic Line zu der cloudbasierten STREAM-Plattform, der Entwicklung und…weiterlesen

Interview on managing rights with Kris Kliemann

A new episode of our podcast Klopotek Publishing Radio is now available: Episode 5: Rights the Right Way – A Talk with Kris Kliemann. In this episode, Kris Kliemann shared her views on the state of rights management from a wide range of perspectives. Kris explained the rights landscape by mapping where it used to be, what is happening now, and…weiterlesen

Book Fairs: interview with Jacks Thomas

Episode 4: From London to Bologna, Book Fairs and More – An Interview with Jacks Thomas In this episode, Jacks Thomas, who has helmed both The London Book Fair and Bologna Children's Book Fair, shared her legendary career journey, as well as her thoughts on publishing, multi-cultures, diversity, education, and everything you know and don't…weiterlesen

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