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Managing Rights in Custom Publishing: Risk & Reward

-- Interview in Publishing Perspectives --

David Hetherington"Rights today ‘are much more stringently controlled than in the past,’ says Klopotek’s David Hetherington. The company will be talking litigation risk this year at London Book Fair.

With more than 14,000 users in the international market,  Berlin-based Klopotek is a leader in publishing software, comprising accounts with more than 350 publishers, 4,400 imprints, in more than 140 locations.

In such a context, no point in the value chain is taken lightly, as the company’s chief operating officer for North America, David Hetherington, says when asked what the company recommends by way of a discoverability strategy."


Read the interview Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Perspectives, did with David Hetherington, EVP & COO, Klopotek North America.