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Interview on Rights Portal in Publishing Perspectives

In an interview with Nella and Uli Klopotek published on 30 June 2017, Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Perspectives, talks about Klopotek's "expanding, virtual ecosystem of interlinked systems that he [Uli Klopotek] expects will eventually encompass the complete operational structure of a publishing house, big or small."

"Inside the Digital Workflow: Rights Communities"

"The fundamental key to what father and daughter are building turns out to be flexibility. Klopotek STREAM is the company’s branding for its Web-based platform, adaptable for each end-user in a publishing house’s workflow and accessed in the cloud.
One of the interesting aspects Nella Klopotek focuses on is called the Rights Portal, 'which empowers rights buyers,' she stresses, 'so that rights holders and buyers can interact, by means of direct communication,' she tells Publishing Perspectives."

Read the full article published at www.publishingperspectives.com

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