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Product 360° is now available for all types of Klopotek users

Customizable widgets of Product 360°Central entry point for smart, fast title management:
Klopotek STREAM app Product 360° is now available for all types of users

Klopotek has started the global rollout of the unique web application Product 360°, which runs on the cloud-based platform STREAM for optimized user interaction and workflow support on all types of devices. The smart app is now available for SaaS customers, clients who rely on Klopotek as a Hosted Software Solution, and companies who employ Klopotek as an in-house installation. The feedback from early adopters of the app has been overwhelmingly positive, illustrating how well market and user expectations have been met.

Blazing-fast search functionality based on Apache Lucene™ Solr

A new, fast product search component is a central feature of Product 360°. Based on Apache Lucene™ Solr, it presents search results in the blink of an eye, even when browsing through large product pools (>500.000).

Customizable dashboard for individual, role-based views on so many types of data

The Product 360° dashboard features allow users to easily create and configure their own view of products. Numerous different widgets present product information in a specific context (e.g. metadata, texts, sales information, etc.).

The catalog of widgets available in the app is not limited to Klopotek data. Users can also add widgets with other data sources to their dashboard and thus present product information from third-party applications in real-time. This unique approach of combining Klopotek data with information from other systems allows our customers to get a full 360° view of product information across their entire application landscape.

STREAM Development Framework: agile, scalable, fit for the cloud

Our new app Product 360° makes full use of the STREAM Architecture and Development Framework established by Klopotek as part of our technology transition. It is the result of combining best-in-class frameworks with best-practices for development, covering all related processes from product management to quality assurance – agile, highly scalable, and ready for the cloud.

Coming soon: unified view of one-off and subscription products

The next version of Product 360° will also support subscription products. Users of the app will be able to benefit from a combined 360° view of both one-off and subscription products.

Interested? - Watch a video recording of a webinar we recently held on Product 360°.

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