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Just released: STREAM app Inventory Manager

Now it can be so easy to decide when additional or titles need to be produced: with our Inventory Manager STREAM app that can be combined with the Product 360° app: the tool has just been released!

With the Inventory Manager, you can avoid overproduction without a substantial loss in sales. This is made possible by making use of two views that can be presented next to each other: a full ‘observer’ or ‘monitoring’ overview of your entire stock inventory and all titles (or specific groups of titles), and a detailed view at title level for specific products that are particularly relevant.

The Inventory Manager is built on Klopotek’s Product 360°. Users of the Inventory Manager can make use of all the widgets that are part of Product 360°, so it is easy to always get the ‘big picture’ on product information.

Your employees in Title Management, Editorial, and Production can create individual watch lists for titles on their dashboard. The parameters of the lists are freely definable, and products can be added manually. 

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