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New issue of our Customer Information online

Our technology transition is going ahead at full speed: in this issue of Customer Information, you’ll find out about numerous STREAM apps which have been released. And did you know that you can now move handling your key contracts, rights, and royalties processes to the STREAM world? There are great options available for early adopters.

We’ll also brief you, as always, on the most important software enhancements in our patch 1 | 2018 for the Classic Line, as well as on upcoming events and our plans for the future. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

Table of contents:
- Product 360°, Inventory Manager
- Taylor & Francis, STREAM Development Partner
- Product Quality Manager, Blurb Manager
- Permissions and Compliance Manager, Klopotek Analytics for CRR
- Preview: Salesforce Connector Kit
- Classic Line Patch 1 | 2018
- Klopotek Fairs & Events 2018
- Save the Date Publishers‘ Forum 2019
- News from customers
- Developments at Klopotek