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Bernhard Dock becomes COO of the Klopotek Group

We are happy to announce that Bernhard Dock will be appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Klopotek Group on 1 July 2020 and in this position become an Associated Member of the Executive Board.

In his new role, he will be responsible for managing and organizing all operational processes and ensuring that all steps are taken to achieve Klopotek’s long-term goals.

Bernhard joined Klopotek in 2001 with a focus on project management. During his work over the past 20 years, he gained experience in many areas of the company: quality assurance, customer service, technical consulting, and software development. He was involved in a number of large international projects, building bridges between departments and different local organizations. Since the beginning of joining Klopotek, he has been contributing in various ways to optimizing and harmonizing processes, adjusting the Klopotek organization to the changing needs of its growing market.

Peter Karwowski, CTO and Designated CEO, commented: "Bernhard’s in-depth knowledge in the fields of publishing and IT covers all key areas relevant to our customers and he always demonstrated a high ability to manage the growing complexity of our business. He significantly contributed to the development of Klopotek and showed long-term skills in enhancing Klopotek’s organization and workforce. I look forward to securing our day-to-day operations and building the future of Klopotek with him."

Sharing his thoughts on his new role and responsibilities, Bernhard explained: "I’d like to thank Klopotek’s Executive Board for the trust they’ve shown by appointing me COO. Some of my plans for the near future in this new position include further developing and enhancing our teams distributed all over the world responsible for ensuring full customer satisfaction, excellent project management and work, and agile software development. A very important overall task will be to further build bridges between these departments and ensure smooth interaction and processes."

We’d like to inform that this new appointment is in line with the Management Transition Program of the Klopotek Group presented in 2019 bringing more diversity to the Executive Board.

Download the press release [PDF file]