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Now supporting your Editorial department: Klopotek Cloud

You can now simply focus on what is relevant, made possible by harmonized processes for creating and managing titles – here are some examples:

Support your workflow in a user-friendly manner using our app Title Life Cycle Manager, from title creation to publication and the steps thereafter. Intuitive data entry forms enable the users to stay focused on the tasks at hand while the system ensures that all metadata relevant in our industry and in your publishing house are taken care of.

By applying rules, which have been predefined, users of the app Product Quality Manager are notified about any violations of these rules when managing metadata. If integrated with the workflow of Title Life Cycle Manager, sophisticated data quality checks are possible related to the relevant process step.

It is a requirement in our industry to be able to export product data in the ONIX format. Our app Metadata Export Manager supports you in handling all exports to all recipients, of course, also in ONIX 3.0.

For specific tasks to be performed by specialists, you can (among others) employ the smart apps Classification Manager, Blurb Manager, and Sales Price Manager: for quickly identifying and applying appropriate industry classifications such as thema or BIC/BISAC, for efficiently organizing various product texts in the approval process, or for creating complex prices in various currencies.

Even prior to publishing a title, employing Inventory Manager will help: based on the sales data of similar titles, you’ll get a forecast on how many copies will be sold during a certain period of time, and a minimum stock value will be calculated. If integrated with the title dashboard app Product 360°, Inventory Manager can also handle groups of products and send warnings when stock levels are too low.

This service is available 24/7 and getting started is easy: Klopotek Cloud makes available a large number of STREAM web apps via your browser – with prices starting from Euro 150 / month / user.