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Publishers' Forum 2018

Beyond Publishing – Direct-to-Consumer, Big Data, ArtificiaI Intelligence: enrich your organization’s mind-set to become a trusted provider of knowledge and services

Publishing has well expanded beyond books. As a result, new players have become powerful competitors in our industry. A new wave of technological innovation is transforming how content is produced, managed, and delivered. Target audiences of readers, professionals, or learners have abundant choice. So, publishers must embrace new business models to retain their position.

The debates at the Publishers‘ Forum 2018 will examine how this is impacting on publishers in all sectors by revealing new opportunities and challenging traditional ways of doing business:

  • Re-thinking consumer books, through a consumer lens and mind-set;
  • Upgrading the publishing toolbox to unleashing the power of digital, especially in controlling, data management, marketing and sales;
  • Exploring a world in which artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, or multiple-media narrative are naturally built-in features;
  • Re-organizing publishing houses to accommodate extended value chains, co-operations and partnerships, agile management, resulting in confident teams.

The Publishers‘ Forum 2018 will present strategic keynote addresses, high-level panel discussions, and hands-on workshops on each of these lead topics.

Putting a focus on experienced international thought leaders and experienced practitioners, the event will blend provocative innovations with reality checks and balances to make your publishing operation future-proof.

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Publishers' Forum 2017

Big + Small:

The new practices, and values, in the business of publishing and the culture of reading

To succeed in the next wave of transformation, it will take more than any one player can tackle alone

The largest players in international publishing have become bigger, yet they are confronting much larger Internet giants as their direct competitors. The global power play, however, has also opened new niches and opportunities, where small entrants – publishing ventures as well as providers of critical innovative services – can extend the value chain, and cater for new audiences.

The transformed relationships require new competences – notably the art of cooperation. The new small, and the old big players, need to better understand each other, to become smarter, more versatile and more attractive to the fickle audiences.

This is because reading is changing dramatically. The odd ‘print versus digital’ is replaced by consumers picking up snippets on a mobile, debating news and discoveries in social networks, and switching seamlessly between books, games, movies, or the personal chatter with friends.

Publishers’ Forum 2017 will explore and make sense of the challenges ahead, and provide practical guidance for the daily navigation across today’s complex universe of the publishing industry in Germany and Europe, plus a number of relevant perspectives worldwide.


Publishers' Forum 2016

The Publishers' Forum 2016 took place at the dbb forum Berlin from 28 - 29 April.

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Publishers' Forum 2015


The 12th Publishers' Forum took place from 27-28 April 2015.
Find out more about the event at www.publishersforum.de

Publishers' Forum: info on the 2014 event and new Head for 2015

Standing ovation for Helmut von BergThe Berlin Publishers’ Forum 2014 closed with lively debates among about 280 delegates, standing ovations for the long-time director Helmut von Berg, and a handover for 2015.

“The Times They Are A’changin’”, the legendary Bob Dylan song, had been picked by Bloomsbury Executive Director Richard Charkin in his keynote address, as a compact motto for two days of almost 40 presentations and round table debates, spanning a wide horizon between global and strategic key topics, and hands-on sessions and practical lessons to be learned.

As Germany, the world’s third-biggest books market, is now one of the most dynamic theaters in the digital transformation of books, publishing, and reading, delegates came from both many of the domestically leading actors as well as from many other countries such as Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland and included such distinguished voices as Jens Bammel of the International Publishers Association, visionary Bob Stein, self-published bestselling author Hugh Howey, analysts David Worlock or Brian O’Leary, industry leaders Francis Bennett (Yale), Sven Fund (de Gruyter), Harald Greiner (Holtzbrinck), Anja Hagen (Cornelsen), Christoph Keese (Axel Springer), David Klett (Klett), Jens Klingelhöfer (Bookwire), Perry Moree (Brill), Nigel Newton (Bloomsbury), Eric Razenberg (ThiemeMeulenhoff), Marcello Vena (RCS), and many more.

The tone of the debates was clearly upbeat, focusing on innovation and opportunities, like radically new social reading experiences and models of cooperation, the integration of complex data and workflow solutions, or new approaches to publishing in the area of education and learning.

While the massive challenges to sustain a high-quality and diverse book sector, both in Germany and globally, were seen as an important context to current developments, the limelight was on exploring positive and practical ways for the digital transition, notably by integrating the best available tools and technologies in support of the creative work by authors, and for the distribution of their works in a globalized environment.

Rüdiger Wischenbart will be the Head of the 2015 eventHelmut von Berg, director of the Publishers Forum for over 10 years, was applauded for making the Berlin Publishers’ Forum one of the leading international platforms for discussing trends and perspectives for both the German and the international book sector in its digital transition. For 2015, he will be succeeded in this role by Rüdiger Wischenbart.

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Publishers' Forum 2013

The 10th Publishers' Forum took place from 22-23 April 2013. The conference attracted about 320 participants. 

Videos, articles, posts, tweets etc.:

Find out more about the event at www.publishers-forum.com.

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