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What does AKS mean? And MLCL? – Klopotek and the Thieme Publishing Group

The Thieme Publishing Group – one of the very first customers to start using Klopotek products in 1994 – and Klopotek have been working on a significant joint project since the beginning of 2014. Thieme took the decision to support all publishing-related processes with Klopotek and keep SAP as their finance system. So the upgrade project (which will cut costs by harmonizing processes in a closed process chain) was called ‘AKS’: ‘Ausbau der zentralen kaufmännischen Systeme Klopotek und SAP’, i.e. ‘Upgrade of the Central Business Systems Klopotek and SAP’.

AKS has been split up into five sub-projects, some of which are being worked on at the same time. In a step-by-step process, the areas of royalty statements, rights sales, contract printing, rights acquisitions, and archive connection are being handed over to Klopotek in order to streamline related workflows. Other aspects of introducing/utilizing Klopotek include optimizing the contract management processes, invoicing all print and online products (no longer in SAP), planning book projects, and managing the international business.

Another important element of ‘AKS’ is improved collaboration between Thieme Publishers New York and the rest of the group. A milestone sub-project in the area of title management was completed for the New York office in May. The product and marketing data of all books, journals, and digital publications are now stored and managed in Klopotek. At the end of 2016, the sub-projects for product management, business partner management, back-end processes, and invoicing will be completed. As part of our workflow enhancements, Thieme will also receive two solutions for the areas of contract creation and chapter-based business which will run on the Klopotek STREAM platform.

As part of our activities for Thieme, the standard O2C (Order to Cash) sales and distribution system will be enhanced such that – like PPM (the Product Planning and Management system) – it includes the Multi-LCL feature: multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company. A (separately licensable) multi-LCL environment is characterized by the fact that the user interface can be run in multiple languages, while the Klopotek software ensures that it is not necessary to re-enter data, perform currency conversions, or separate workflows, and that everyone works on the same metadata. (Peter Lang, International Academic Publishers, selected Klopotek as their new system in May 2015 and will also make use of this unique feature).