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Klopotek Provides Leading Software Solutions and Consulting Services to more than 400 Publishers with more than 3,000 Imprints Worldwide.

Let us make life easier for you

Klopotek software supports the entire publishing value chain for print and digital products:

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Why you should opt for us

Designed for publishing
Specifically for the publishing and information delivery industries. Not a customized version of a generic ERP solution.

Modular and configurable
Modular where needed, by business processes and pre-configuration, without the need for code-customization.

Integrated and complete
Coverage of the entire supply chain from planning to fulfillment, and all processes, end-to-end.

Ready for global use
Multi-country, multi-company, multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-currency. In one instance of the software, providing serious workflow improvements and efficiencies to multi-national organizations.

Klopotek STREAM Web Apps

STREAM is Klopotek’s platform for user interaction across computers and portable devices. Focused on supporting key business processes in a smart and simple way, Klopotek STREAM provides an excellent user experience (UX). It is web-based and integrates with the Klopotek Classic Line.

What our customers say about us


 “Together with my team - and Klopotek, which now makes our life easier in many areas of work - I look forward to this new challenge."

Florian Pötzelsberger
New Head of Sales, Benevento Publishing, AT

Holiday House

 “With a growing number of titles to handle and the rights business becoming more complex in the digital world, we chose Klopotek PPM because it provides an end-to-end solution to all our requirements."

Derek Stordahl
General Manager, Holiday House Publishing, USA


"You can see at once: ‘There are 150 processes here that have to be processed immediately. These 50  processes, on the other hand, can wait until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.’"

Sven Borchers
Head of Customer Service/Logistics, C.H.Beck

Macmillan Learning

 “Klopotek provides us with an invaluable tool to coordinate development [of materials] across large, diverse and distributed teams so that we can deliver those materials in a timely, low-cost and rapid manner."

Ken Brooks
Chief Operating Officer, Macmillan Learning, USA

“After an extensive review of available solutions in the marketplace our team decided to opt for the Klopotek Contracts, Rights and Royalties system, as it is the best-of-breed solution for handling royalty payments for multiple types of content, ...”

Carol Holquist
Vice-President of Global Publishing
Discovery House

"Our Current Scholarship Program would have been impossible without having a system like Klopotek O2C in place."

Sri Rajan
Senior Manager Fulfillment Operations

Carl Hanser Verlag

“We’ve now started to use the style sheets created by Klopotek for various data exports to Excel and Word, but most importantly, to replace the lists we used to work with and handle manually. As this works really well and is very efficient, our Advertising Department is now also interested and has requested to integrate these style sheets with InDesign for their needs."

Julia Reckel
Project Manager, Carl Hanser Verlag

"In a market where digital media are becoming increasingly important, the Klopotek solution offers the ability to manage all types of media and the data flow toward our websites."

Raphaël Sitbon
Director of Administration and Fincancial Director
EDP Sciences, FR

"Klopotek’s Berlin show, over 250 strong this year, has become a stadium for opposing positions and sharply contrasted stances."

David Worlock
Outsell, UK
about the Publishers' Forum 2014

"Klopotek understood our needs and guided us to the SaaS system which to date has proven to be a powerful database with great potential and superior searching ability."

Janet Freshwater
Senior Commissioning Editor
Royal Society of Chemistry, UK

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