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O2C for Advertising Sales and Management (ASM)

O2C: all of a publisher’s products are handled in a single, standardized system

Whether you contact clients and prospects directly or through agencies, the Klopotek Advertising Sales and Management publishing solution holds all the information you need to make successful sales calls. ASM also provides you with all the data to support sales meetings. A customizable, 360° view of your advertising customers is provided via a web interface. The solution also includes sophisticated selection options in the Address and Product Pool.

Key beneffits

  • The relevant publication dates are stored in the publication database together with the issue contents. This helps you to provide the best advice to customers on rates and position.
  • Unrestricted classification of businesspartners allows for targeted selection and contact.
  • Management of periodic price lists, automatic discounts, print materials and representative statements is intuitive and easily comprehensible. This means routine tasks are simpler and require less effort than before.
  • Box numbers have their own management option helping with replies and routing.
  • You can keep track of the competition with advertising assessment and specifically designed analyses.
  • The reports allow you to effectively assess the success of your operation at any time, and from the viewpoint of publications, customers or agencies.