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O2C: all of a publisher’s products are handled in a single, standardized system

Klopotek’s O2C sales system enables publishers and distributors to sell and ship digital and physical products efficiently. Books, e-books, print and electronic journals, articles, loose-leaf works, databases, services, audio, video, apps, merchandise – all of a publisher's products and customers are handled in a standardized system.  O2C supports every distribution channel, physical shipments from a warehouse, electronic delivery via portals, booksellers, web shops, consignments sales, online booksellers, aggregators. In this way, O2C uniquely supports the switch from traditional to digital business models in a way which includes both sides.

Handle all subscriptions – print, digital, online – in one single, integrated system and automate ordering. O2C Subscription supports all related processes, including CRM and controlling  / reporting.

This fully automated solution provides you with significant savings in time and effort. It is based on comprehensive experience in scientific and academic publishing.

Klopotek O2C Subscription provides support for an unrivaled scope of subscription models.

Order taking for new subscriptions, with direct and instant access to the master data, greatly increases your productivity. The most efficient method is to enter a marketing campaign code which calls up all of the offered terms and automatically generates a new subscription on its own. Processing of pro formas and single orders, as well as online calculation and authorization of credit card transactions, are all fully integrated.

Daily business procedures are efficiently processed by the system. Price and discount calculations are taken care of and a complete transaction history is recorded for each subscription, with open text fields for further comments. The complete customer history is available and can be viewed alongside the main subscription information. Increases or decreases in the number of issues are recorded, as are additional charges or credit account differences, which are printed automatically in subsequent invoicing.

You can evaluate subscriptions over several years and answer any customer questions without painstaking research.

Customer care management & marketing functionality is also integrated into O2C Subscription. For promotional activities and free copy shipping, address selection results are added directly to the order processing and delivery. When a customer calls for an old issue, you have the stock management information on your screen.

  • Order taking for new subscriptions with direct and instant access to the master data
  • Processing of pro formas and single orders
  • Availability of the complete customer history (automatically created by the system)
  • Subscription evaluation option, fully automated process for student prices, temporary delivery, interrupted delivery, accrual
  • Integrated price combinations; combinations of print and online / digital
  • Real-time web shop integration via Web Services (APIs)
  • Integration with web delivery platforms – authorize digital shipments in real-time via Message Based Services
  • Multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-currency
  • Country-specific price, tax and delivery cost tables

Subscription models including Top-Down Bundles and Bottom-Up Bundles
With top-down and bottom-up bundling models, you deliver your readers attractive offers without creating ballooning overheads. Klopotek O2C supports revenue distribution in both directions – whether top-down or bottom-up – and subscription changes in the web shop are saved directly in the backend.

While in the case of a top-down model, prospective customers opt for a bundle right from the start, perhaps due to the attractive price, the bottom-up variant makes greater demands on the system, because the customer only decides to buy a bundle instead of single product while they are making the purchase. So, a bottom-up bundle doesn't have a flat price, rather each component of the bundle has a price and the total price of the bundle is the sum of the prices of the components ordered. A subsequent order for optional components changes the price of the bundle.

There is a subscription evaluation option as well as a fully automated process for student prices, temporary delivery to a holiday address or interrupted delivery when the account becomes overdue for payment. Accrual and automatic renewal are core options to help you in your day-to-day work, leaving you free to spend more time on winning new business.

International compatibility
Designed for international use, O2C Subscription is equipped with various country-specific price, tax, and delivery cost tables. Whether your prices are determined per year, per volume, per issue or per period depends on your business model. Integrated price combinations let you automatically invoice, for example, a subscription of a printed version plus an Internet version.

Multi, multi, multi … Global Sales System
Klopotek O2C includes the ’Multi-LCL’ feature: multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company. A 'multi-LCL environment' is characterized by the fact that the user interface can be run in multiple languages, while the Klopotek software ensures that it is not necessary to re-enter data, perform currency conversions, or separate workflows, and that everyone works on the same metadata. 

You can even configure a sales system that makes it possible to operate diverse distribution locations on a central installation and perform specific invoicing runs for each country. The scope of this ‘Global Sales System’ is not restricted to the increased versatility in the invoicing system (e.g. the option to sell one-off and subscription products of independent companies under a single proprietor), the contractor functionality for subscription models, or the enhanced tax routines with a system of configurable rules: the basis for the royalty calculation can also be controlled in accordance with local criteria. You can configure whether inter-company revenues or end consumer invoices are used as the basis for calculating royalties.

A ‘Global Sales System’ which lives up to the name must, of course, also include support for inter-company settlements, so that sales to international subsidiaries can be examined and evaluated from the perspective of both the recipient and the copyright holder. As an element of this, the ability to sort table entries in drop-down menus depending on the language has been added as part of this enhancement.

Has your company been establishing additional offices in Europe or around the world? Do you want to use and manage data and systems centrally in various languages? Do you want to minimize the use of interfaces, ensure that all data of all local applications is identical, and to provide your partners around the globe with product data, sales and distribution information, and statistics? Is it vital that the stocks of all of your distribution centers, the intercompany processing procedures, and the handling of the various tax systems are linked in a continuous cycle?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you should opt for the ‘Global Sales System’ of Klopotek O2C: a single system, seven languages, local tax systems, all data in a single instance and managed centrally.

The ‘Global Sales System’ makes it possible to operate diverse distribution locations on a central installation and perform specific invoicing runs for each country. The increased versatility in the invoicing system provides e.g. the option to sell one-off and subscription products of independent companies under a single proprietor.

For you as a publishing group with subsidiaries in multiple countries and corresponding country-specific legal entities, the homogenization of operational processes across country and company boundaries is a significant competitive advantage. The transparency and comparability of workflows with a minimum of data redundancy both make a significant contribution towards increasing efficiency in your company.

With the ‘Global Sales System’, you centralize management and control of your operational processes, while still executing these processes where it is most efficient to do so and allowing for the peculiarities of the individual legal entities within the group. From editorial, contracts and production to sales, marketing and distribution – every department in your company can profit from homogenization and centralization.

Check Ups
As with all of the Klopotek Publishing Solution modules, several reporting packages are available for creating detailed analyses, online or in printed form.

O2C Subscription also allows information from the standard reporting, customer, and title information systems to be processed using various file formats, e.g. MS Excel®. Reports can be adapted to your precise needs.

Effective CRM

  • Integrated CRM functionality helps you deal with queries and issues as they arise
  • Address management and address marketing
  • Postal check and duplicate recognition
  • Direct marketing and direct sales tools
  • Planning and controlling of marketing activities and evaluation (orders received from specific marketing initiatives are analyzed)
  • Comprehensive reporting – information can be processed using various file formats: reports can be adapted to your precise needs
  • Detailed analyses for controlling

Tax regulations: important business process rules easily configurable in Klopotek
If, for example, new tax regulations come into force in a country, the tax rules defined in the Klopotek system can be easily modified. The Klopotek software uses business rules management systems, such as Drools, which make it possible to modify rules via configuration rather than reprogramming.

External identifiers can be used wherever / whenever necessary

Klopotek is capable of handling the ORCID iD – just as well as the ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) and other common identifiers such as GTIN and DOI. These external identifiers can be used at all relevant points across the entire system.

Integrated DAM

The integrated Digital Asset Management functionality of Klopotek O2C allows you to link metadata with content, to store metadata centrally in the database, and to promote your products effectively online. Save time and energy: store any kind of file in your workspace; attach any file to any entity; access files without leaving the system.

Get notifications: the ‘My Tasks’ feature
The ‘My Tasks’ dashboard & dock provides an instant overview of your day’s workload. It increases efficiency and helps to strengthen teamwork, as you can include colleagues in getting a job done and forward tasks. You always know what’s next and will meet deadlines: the tool will automatically send you notifications in case you’ve missed something important.

GDPR-relevant: anonymize business partner
The amount of data that is generated, transferred and stored around the world every day is on the increase. More than ever, people are conscious of the personal information that is collected about them, and there is a growing desire to have such data deleted from a system, for example, after an order has been fulfilled. You should, and in many cases must, comply with such requests – not least due to changes in data privacy and protection legislation.

The records in the Klopotek O2C system – particularly business partners and addresses – can only be deleted when there are no references to another sub-system, e.g. student, end consumer, royalty recipient, customer, teacher, supplier, licensee, publicity contact, reward product supplier, rights buyer, school, representative or promoter. In these cases, the deletion of individuals would cause unwanted inconsistencies.

As an alternative to deletion, you can render anonymous the personal information relating to an individual, insofar as this is required by law. The anonymized individuals can still be edited and can be used manually and by batch procedures, web services, and external systems.

We’re taking your O2C processes to the STREAM level

As part of Klopotek’s ongoing technology transition, all elements of the Classic Line (Rich Client) are being moved to STREAM.

STREAM is Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for user interaction across computers and portable devices. Focused on supporting key business processes in a smart and simple way, Klopotek STREAM provides an excellent user experience (UX).

Applications running on Klopotek STREAM can easily be adapted to your specific requirements. Thin and smart, the applications are based on the same database and business rules as our Classic Line solution but provide a role-based and simplified user experience for handling specific tasks.

Order Entry Manager is your essential tool in the area of O2C: Optimized for fast order entry and easy navigation, this web-based app enables you to quickly record orders and place them in a ‘shopping cart’. It provides intuitive search functionality and supports entering orders for one-off and subscription products on a single input screen.

This STREAM application was created in close cooperation with our valued STREAM development partners C.H.Beck and Hanseatische Gesellschaft für Verlagsservice (hgv).

The Renewal Manager is a STREAM app designed for defining and executing a renewal marketing strategy. Users from the marketing and sales teams can lay out a renewal campaign and track the results throughout the subscription lifecycle – testing and adjusting offers as response rates are tallied.

While the primary objective of renewal marketing is customer retention, it is also an opportunity to increase revenue by offering upgraded products and bundles.

More O2C applications will become available soon.