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Corporate Publishing

For many corporations, there is the need to produce publications that support the business and marketing processes of the company. This could be product catalogs, brochures, manuals, technical publications and so on. For most companies, this represents a major cost unit and not a major revenue stream,  it’s really part of the cost of doing business. It is therefore imperative to eliminate as many inefficiencies and their attendant costs from the process as you can so that you can produce quality publications in the most cost effective way possible.

This translates into efficient reuse of common content, a flexible XML oriented content creation workflow with version control, automated publication output and rendering in multiple formats – be it PDF, eBook, Word, Adobe or whatever is needed.

Klopotek PPM along with integration partner Schema offer these features, available for the entire enterprise:

  • Content creation workflow (XML)
  • Version Control
  • Integration to Translation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Automated output rendering into multiple formats and publications
  • Content reuse and variants
  • Content workflow integrated into product creation and cost workflow
  • Automated XML tagging in ingestion of content
  • Enhanced Content Metadata
  • Automatic content metadata output (XMP)