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Service providers to publishers face the growing challenge that traditional distribution support (keywords: stock management and ordering automated,  prices and terms determined automatically, distribution management optimized) is being replaced by electronic complex distribution processes.

To be successful, modern distributors need a reliable system tailored to constantly changing and evolving business processes: Klopotek. The system is multi-tenant, encompasses multiple business models and has been in use at a large number companies specializing in different market areas. All distribution processes for books and journals – print and digital/online – are based on one single database; you work using a product and a customer pool in one single system.

More benefits and unique characteristics of the Klopotek software:

Physical distribution:

  • Order management automated
  • Shipping costs optimized
  • Stock management automated; stock valuation
  • Full support of the specifics of the book trade / Connection to central clearing houses of book distribution / EDI / EAN, Tradacom etc.

Electronic distribution:

  • E-books and enriched e-books
  • Online subscriptions (including automated Moving Wall)
  • Database access
  • Apps
  • Streams, Rental, Content Syndication
  • Pre-paid and usage-based products based on definable units, e.g. points, minutes, MBs downloaded

Combinations of print and digital/online products:

  • All types of product bundles supported, including bundles of one-off and subscription products
  • Distribution of chapters and chunks
  • Non-book supported
  • Including accruals, rest credit, and webshop authorization

More benefits:

  • Electronic and paperless business wherever possible, from web services for order creation to electronic invoices
  • Comprehensive marketing and address management solution, from generating leads to controlling the success of campaigns
  • Customer management
  • Seamless advertising management
  • Multi-language, multi-currency; all specific European and American tax requirements covered