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Small Publishers

Small Publishers tend to be niche or special interest publishers. They face the same challenging business issues as any of the larger publishers and, in some cases, can even experience more issues; such as non-standard products, complex unique product structures, leading edge web strategies and so on.

They are usually supported by an evolved technology architecture and application set that is comprised of Excel, databases and other tools that are not integrated and are subject to extensive manual intervention and so have difficulty streamlining their processes and guaranteeing consistent, quality metadata. This creates costs and speed to market issues and headaches.

For these publishers Klopotek offers an affordable SaaS (Software as a Service) solution set that provides standardized processes, a single point of entry and sophisticated applications support that enables high quality metadata, secure data and leading edge applications to fit front running business models. Of most interest in this sector are the Klopotek PPM CR&R and PPM Production Modules; these pre-configured applications provide the following services:

  • World class royalty and rights management in one integrated module
  • Title management and product marketing, AI sheets, Tipsheets and more
  • Seamless ONIX messaging to ONIX 3.0
  • Editorial and acquisition management
  • The Product Component Manager supports definable sub-structured products, e.g. tracks of a CD, articles of a book
  • Electronic and paperless business in all aspects, from web services for order creation to electronic invoices
  • CRM, address management and marketing
  • Extensive web services for web portal integration
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management features to secure all documents, images and data associated to any product
  • Extensibility of applications so that a publisher can roll out functionality as needed
  • Setup services to allow for initial data upload and specific configurations
  • 24/7 365 System access with high availability and disaster recovery plans