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University Presses

Smaller University Presses practically face the same challenges as the others in the publishing industry. Market needs triggered by the transition to new media and personalized content delivery and coupled with the pressure of working with limited funds have made it clear that the current publishing processes are challenged. There is now also a greater need for reliable software support and innovations which help exploit the possibilities of ONIX, title management, product data accreditation, linked production schedules, a centralized database and the visibility of rights and royalties management.

The Klopotek SaaS offering is set to deliver exactly these benefits. With six University Presses as customers, Klopotek has developed a standard system incorporating the best business processes needed to support similar organizations. A major benefit of SaaS is that it does not require a protracted implementation project. Instead, setup is fast and cost-effective reducing your risk.

USP’s of the Klopotek University press standard SaaS offering:

  • All publishing products including books, e-books and journals within the same application
  • Provides an integrated system covering the publishing process from end to end including Title management, Production, Customer marketing, Rights & Royalties and fulfillment. In addition, all modules come with an integrated Digital Asset Management system. You may choose one and gradually roll-out the other modules; minimizing risk and demand on resources
  • The solution can handle componentization of products, e.g. articles, contributions, learning CD tracks
  • The solution supports the special requirements of academic publishing (peer review, sets, and series) better
  • Standard feeds to Nielsen Bookdata, Amazon, Bowker, Ingram, Barnes & Noble, etc
  • Standard sale feed interfaces to several distributors
  • A user community where like-minded publishers can confer with others helping to gather, share, learn and influence upgrades in the software.
  • Fixed rates over the contract period allow long term planning
  • To make the system affordable, Klopotek can offer special pricing incentives for non-profit organizations