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Contact Manager

Fast and intuitive look-up and update processes of business partner and/or address records

A common issue that companies face is the need to search and retrieve all data of a contact. This information should be detailed but easy to grasp and work with – and it should be available at the touch of a button.

The Contact Manager links directly to Klopotek’s system-wide Business Partner pool and provides fast and intuitive look-up and update processes of business partner and / or address records. This Web App is a STREAM module to complement the Klopotek publishing suite.

Integrated DAM

All types of documents including your complete e-mail communication can be ingested and processed directly by utilizing Klopotek’s Digital Asset Management tool.

A common problem is the need to search and retrieve e-mail communication which is often only in the e-mail box of your colleagues. With letters, contracts, quotes, images, and external links all stored centrally, they are all accessible directly from the Contact Manager.

Contact History

A fully integrated contact history enables the user to navigate through the complete communication of the contact.

All inbound and outbound contact dialogs including sales reps visits, complaints, and telephone calls can easily stored and retrieved from the Contact Manager.

This way, the complete sales and service history is available on demand.


Klopotek’s sophisticated ‘role’ concept is used to categorize, con-figure, and manage the security and access control of business partners.

Industry standard and your own customized classifications are fully  supported by the Contact Manager.


  • Search and navigate easily through business partner data
  • Enter and update address information quickly
  • Mirrors the role-based security concept of the “Business Partner” module
  • Single click dialing and e-mail
  • Integrated with the Klopotek “Business Partner” module
  • API support for external feeds and uploads, and best-of-breed software tools
  • Optimized for seamless integration with other STREAM apps

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Contact 360°

State-of-the-art business partner management with a personalized dashboard

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to offer broad product ranges. Publishing companies need to know their customers to be able to develop products according to their needs and to deliver personalized and comprehensive service packages.

In order to be able to understand customers and their specific needs and to recognize sales opportunities, complete information about a single customer summarized and presented in the 360° view is key.

To save time and cut costs, Contact 360°, which is an add-on feature to the Contact Manager, enables publishers to install transparent workflows and to prevent their staff from jumping between different systems. The feature supports customer service centers, marketing and sales departments in their daily business and provides all relevant information about the customer in one single overview. This screen is fully customizable and provides information in content chunks (widgets).

Customer information of the Contact 360° App includes master address data, pictures and/or a logo, plus information widgets which can be pulled into the dashboard grid.

The layout of the widgets is configurable per user. A huge variety of useful 3rd-party widgets is available, such as Google Maps, Salesforce and finance applications, but, of course, also widgets which display relevant information from the Klopotek system: from contact master data and order or contract information to financial data to support the multiple roles for which the App can be used.

If more information is needed, clicking on an icon in the widget will display the complete data (drill-down functionality – open an attached document, view a full invoice).

The screens of the App are responsive to support multiple devices. When opened, Contact 360° automatically presents contact information depending on the work situation it is being used in: customer service, marketing, or sales.

Additional information to be displayed can include communication data tickets which have been created for this customer,  order and payment information, etc. (from the Klopotek system) and campaigns in which the customer has been contacted, response behavior of the customer, click behavior on websites, etc. (information from third-party tools).

Contact 360° is an essential part of Klopotek’s unique combination of technologies for handling all CRM requirements – browser-based and on all types of devices. Download a brochure which explains all of this in full detail here.


  • Full overview of all relevant information; see important information at a glance
  • Dashboard templates for multiple user roles; fully customizable
  • Automatic contact recognition based on caller made possible by integrated phone system 
  • Flexible and publishing-specific widgets with easy plug-in processes
  • Option to include special features like Google Maps or Twitter integration
  • Start related Klopotek modules out of the 360° view: no need to access different systems and therefore no loss of information and time
  • Integrated with the Klopotek Business Partner Pool
  • Improves reaction times and service levels
  • Helps your staff to reduce workload and save time 

Short video on Contact 360°