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Contract 360°

Complete 360° view for your Editorial department on all contract information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard

As your basic master information and control center about contracts and the associated royalties of and payments to an author, Contract 360° provides a complete 360° view of all contract information to the users in your Editorial department with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard. It also provides seamless and fast jump-out functionality to other CRR applications (Contracts, Rights, and Royalties), but also to apps in the area of TEP (Title Management, Editorial, and Production).

Contract 360° links directly to the contract and royalty information stored in the
Klopotek system but can also retrieve information from third-party applications outside of Klopotek.

The highly sophisticated and fast search functionality of Contract 360° is keyword-sensitive and can browse through large contract databases in a wink of an eye.

Recent activities which have been done using the app are stored, and the contracts you’re working on most of the time can be bookmarked. The ‘My recent activities’ and ‘My bookmarks’ features are shared with the Contract Manager STREAM app. 

This smart app is perfect for getting fast and intuitive access to key information, such as

  • sub rights available with acquisition contracts
  • the royalty rules of acquisition contracts
  • the revenue generated from sold sub rights
  • the sold rights acquired by signing a contract
  • the available rights

This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices. It provides direct and smooth connections to other STREAM apps as well as the Klopotek Classic Line for handling specific tasks.

Customize and arrange widgets to create your personal dashboard

The content and overall look and feel of every dashboard can be individualized, providing high-level to granular information based on the needs of role and responsibilities of the individual user. You can choose from a variety of widgets to be included in your dashboard. Many of them come with configuration options.

The layout of the widgets has been designed to present their content in the most efficient way: all the necessary information is presented at one glance.

Widgets of the following types can be added to your Contract Dashboard:

  • ‘Contract’ Widget Family:

    • General Contract Information
    • Royalty Terms
    • Royalty Rules
    • Subsidiary Rights
    • Contract Parties
    • Payment Terms

  •  ‘Royalty’ Widget Family:

    • Chart Contract Advances and Royalties
    • Royalties per Product
    • Life-to-Date Figures

  • ‘Royalty Recipient’ Widget Family:

    • Author Taxation


  • 360° view of contract data for Editorial: information center for jumping to other CRR and TEP applications
  • Fast state-of-the-art search functionality
  • Can also retrieve information from third-party applications outside of Klopotek
  • Bookmarks; recent activities (shared with Contract Manager)
  • Arrange widgets on your personalized dashboard as desired
  • Widget ‘families’ for contract, royalty, and royalty recipient information