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Early Title Manager

Fast and structured creation of first drafts and titles with automated approval process – features planning and budgeting tools for doing a first calculation

Klopotek's Early Title Manager facilitates the entry of data which is central to the title management processes in your editorial department. It can easily be customized to meet the requirements of editors, editorial assistants, and information management teams.

The user wants to create a new title, a new set header, a new version of an existing title or a new edition for an existing version. They can enter a provisional title record and complete the title data in subsequent steps. The UI guides the user through the process, making it clear which fields are mandatory in each step and which fields have to be filled in in order to move to the next stage of the title editing process.

As long as a title is marked as a draft or not yet approved, it is only visible in Early Title Manager, not in the classic product pool in PPM. In this way, the title is excluded from other processes in PPM, particularly export/import processes, until it is approved.

Early Title Manager facilitates the early phases of title editing. The user sees at a glance all the titles which are awaiting processing in their personal workspace. They select the next title from the list, check and add the necessary data, and (if they have the appropriate authorization) approve it, making it visible and editable for all authorized PPM users. Once the appropriate fields are filled in, the title receives a new status. Titles are always visible to users who are authorized for this status. 

The ability to configure workflow steps/status transitions (including the respective mandatory fields) in addition to those currently implemented is planned for an upcoming version of Early Title Manager.


  • Create new titles from scratch or from templates
  • Create new editions for existing titles
  • Easy creation of new manifestations (electronic or print) for a product
  • Workflow support in the editorial and title approval process
  • Quick overview of your draft titles and their status
  • Easy handling of the required data fields