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Smart purchase order management for your production processes

In some cases when placing production orders, several order items need to be created for one single order. This is made easy and straightforward with the cloud-based STREAM app Purchasing.

Fast and simple creation of order lines for items using a mass upload functionality

Here is an example from the calendar business:
Using the Title Life Cycle Manager app, you can, for example, export your products from the previous year (which are to be reused for the new year) to MS Excel® and modify the number to be published.

Then, in the Classic Line, you simply create a (=one) basic purchase order.

In Purchasing, you can now search for this order and upload the edited spreadsheet: a parser will import the data and create the various order items for this purchase order.  

Generation of purchase order documents (email, PDF, docx) based on data sources

As Purchasing is integrated with the admin app Mail Merge Manager, it is possible to generate and export order documents: these can be part of an email you’ll send out, or PDF or MS Word® files.

Other types of sophisticated purchase order documents can also be handled as a result of the full integration of Purchasing and Mail Merge Manager.


  • Generating several order items / lines for one single order made easy
  • Fast and simple creation of order lines using a mass upload functionality (e.g. from MS Excel®)
  • Create and export order documents: email, PDF, docx
  • Full integration with STREAM apps (Mail Merge Manager, Title Life Cycle Manager, etc.) and the Classic Line