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Rights Sales Manager

The Rights Sales Manager is a browser-based solution on the cloud-centric technology platform, Klopotek STREAM, providing smart and simple user interaction across multiple desktop and mobile devices.

Why you should opt for the Rights Sales Manager

You’ll get a clear overview of the rights which have been acquired from an author or agency and the rights which are available to sell, including the possibility to effectively track registered interest and options to the point of contract negotiations and agreement.

And you’ll always have accurate, up-to-date information on hand such as specific areas of interest and payment history, in additional to flexible and extensive reporting on revenue and activity. The solution frees you from the complex, and time-consuming research and administration work which is heightened by the increased granularity of the digital rights sphere.

This gives you more time to dedicate to proactively marketing your available rights. When integrated with a contract management system, the Rights Sales Manager ensures transparency with regard to acquired subsidiary rights and the associated terms.

Once an agreement has been reached, it is possible to track payments and statements due.

Some of the functionalities described here are covered by other apps of our Rights Sales Solution; see 8-page brochure available for download on right-hand side for details.


  • Access all key title, author, and rights availability data instantly
  • Intuitive workflow steps to progress deals and monitor status
  • Comprehensive overview of acquired and sold rights plus alert functionality to prevent selling rights already expired or sold
  • Marketing tool to generate bulk marketing campaigns according to interests / locations / languages
  • Track options lost to competitors when the right has been sold with automatic status update
  • Configurable termination of options after a specified period of time if no response is received