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Royalty Accounting Manager

Comprehensive royalty account information at one glance

The Royalty Accounting manager is a cloud-based STREAM application to join the family of Klopotek’s Contract, Rights and Royalties (CR&R) solution. Specially designed to provide comprehensive royalty  account information, royalty managers and publishing team members, business analysts and rights  accountants can access all relevant information at one glance.

Instant access to archived royalty statements and payment remittances enables users to easily answer author queries. Necessary adjustments and notations to author’s accounts can be handled with remarkable ease.

Using Klopotek’s rich dashboard functionality, users can customize their own view based on the information most important to them. Data is provided in content chunks (a.k.a. widgets), which allow a more flexible and personalized user experience.

The Royalty Accounting Manager can easily be integrated into the existing business process of the Klopotek Classic Line.


  • Quick, insightful user-definable view of all royalty-relevant information using widgets
  • View royalty statements, advance remittances and applicable account information in a single location
  • Calculate, view, analyze royalty data easily and efficiently
  • Instant access to accurate royalty account information on the go
  • Edit, amend and annotate author accounts
  • Ability for royalty managers to immediately access key royalty information
  • Fully customizable dashboard configured to specific roles and responsibilities
  • Fully integrated with Klopotek Classic Line and STREAM application Contract Manager
  • Seamless integration with Klopotek Analytics to output customized reports

Royalty Sales Data Editor

Royalty Sales Data Editor provides one-to-one information on the sales lines that are used for calculating royalties. The app allows employees in the Royalty Department to edit and correct erroneous sales lines, e.g. market channels.

There is single or bulk update functionality for royalty-relevant information (which might have been wrongly supplied by the source for sales data). Single sales lines can be amended manually, while multiple sales lines are updated in a bulk action.