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Workflow management: BISG webinar available

In a recent BISG webinar on project management challenges in publishing, our Head of Product and Solution Management, Michael Castner, shared his insights and views on managing resources and making use of publishing-specific project management solutions to make workflows more flexible and reliable.

We’d like to invite you to watch the recording of this webinar, which was made available by BISG, as we believe it will be relevant to your business.

Please email info(at)klopotek.com stating your name and the company you work for to get an access code for watching it.

You’ll find more information on the powerful Scheduling and Notification Dashboard apps here. As explained in the webinar, Scheduling allows you to flexibly define schedules for all phases of the entire product life cycle, making use of Gantt Charts and sophisticated algorithms. Notification Dashboard ensures that all users know by when their (contributions to) tasks have to be completed.