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Citation Manager

Track all ads from and publications about a client in your and your competitors’ journals with ease

In the area of Order to Cash, you can now record and check the number of adverts in your magazines and the ones published by your competitors to keep a clear overview of your business partners’ activities. It is also possible to store editorial entries about a client, their sponsoring activities or events they are involved in.

With our app Citation Manager, you always know many advertisements a selected company has published, print & digital, including information on the size, so you can compare your situation with other publishers in your field using a list view.

When getting an overview, it is possible to select certain areas of advertising, e.g. beverages, sports, etc. and / or to only compare certain types of ads.

Entering citations for your own company or for a competitor is an easy and straightforward process.

This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices.

Citation Manager is seamlessly integrated with Contact Manager, so the entire Business Partner Pool in Klopotek is available for searching for and classifying business artners, and information on adverts and citations can be made available in dedicated widgets of the dashboard of Contact 360°.


  • Makes it easy to record and check the number of publications (adverts, citations) in your and your competitors’ magazines
  • Always know how many advertisements a selected company has published, and of which size, print and digital
  • Compare your situation with other magazine publishers in your field (for a selected business partner)
  • Drill down to certain types of advertisements and / or areas of advertising
  • Adding entries using the app is simple and easy on any type of device
  • Integrated with Contact Manager and Contact 360°: makes use of the entire Business Partner Pool and data is available in widgets on your dashboard
  • Runs on the cloud-based platform STREAM that provides a great user experience on desktop computers & mobile devices