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Royalty Forecast Manager

Accurate royalty forecasts based on meaningful, substantial data

Royalty payments are an important factor of the publishing business. How much will have to be paid next year? Are the costs in balance with the earnings that have been calculated? Finding out about this is straightforward and easy using the cloud-based STREAM app Royalty Forecast Manager.

The app was developed with the idea that the forecast calculation should be as similar as possible to the calculation for the actual sales, for example regarding time periods to be selected and the methods. Just like doing a calculation for the year that has just ended, you can start a forecast for the next year, always by taking into account the entire period and by deducting the cumulated calculation until the previous period.

Smart selection of input data for creating reliable forecasts

Royalty Forecast Manager mainly relies on three sources of input for creating forecasts:

  • Contracts
  • Forecast sales (budget, rolling forecast)
  • Configurations (especially currency exchange rates)

As regards analyzing contracts, the royalty calculation for forecast sales follows the same contractual terms as for actual sales.

Budgeting & rolling forecast

For forecast sales, the actual sales are imported into a repository and used to calculate royalties. Each sales line can be in any currency (when importing sales, the values and currencies are not converted – this is done during processing, e.g. royalty calculation, and output, e.g. in reports by choosing the output currency). There is a ‘Scenario’ indicator to differentiate between forecasts for budgeting or a rolling forecast. Using ‘Budget Jobs‘, you generate royalty budgets for defined periods on the basis of data imported from your sales budget. The ‘Forecast Jobs’ scenario enables you to create royalty forecasts based on data from your rolling sales forecasts.

Currency exchange configuration

Royalty Forecast Manager provides currency exchange rate configurations that can be applied for budget royalty calculation and for rolling forecast royalty calculation. Depending on the currency rate configuration, each month can be associated with a different currency rate used to calculate a cumulated royalty payment from the beginning of the year, or one single rate can be used for all months.

Job log and history

To review the execution of a particular job, the app features a job log that indicates which processing step the job has reached or if it has terminated due to an error (e.g. incorrect configuration of a data type) and what steps you need to take to resolve it.

There is a job history area available for monitoring a greater number of jobs. If you only want to review logs for jobs for a particular batch procedure, you can filter the list for this batch.

As a means to avoid mistakes, you have the option of closing a forecast period so that no further forecast calculations are performed for contracts whose statement period ends on the selected effective date.

Reporting? Smooth integration with Klopotek Analytics

Of course, you need comprehensive reporting capabilities for your forecast royalty payments. These are available in Klopotek Analytics for CRR (contracts, rights, and royalties), powered by Pentaho®, which is seamlessly integrated. It provides over 36 pre-defined report templates. The underlying comprehensive data sources allow flexible adjustment of the reports or individual reporting.




  • Accurate royalty forecasts based on contracts, forecast sales (budget, rolling forecast), and configurations (currency exchange rates)
  • ‘Scenario’ indicator for differentiating between forecasts for budgeting or a rolling forecast
  • Configurable currency exchange rates
  • Job log (for monitoring) and job history (filters for selected batch procedures)
  • Option to close forecast periods
  • Full integration with Klopotek Analytics for reporting