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Title Metadata Editor

Your customizable app for title management with various scenarios

Entering the data required for successfully bringing your products to market is no longer synonymous with (sometimes wrongly) filling out a large number of fields (that are sometimes not even required) on many tabs.

With Title Metadata Editor, you decide which attributes and data should be included, e.g. title & author information, product identifier, version & edition data, print runs, etc.
In Klopotek, over 150 attributes are available. By narrowing them down and arranging them in the app, you create your own user interface for title management.

Different horses for different courses: make use of different scenarios to make life easier

But which attributes require adding data at which point in time? To keep a clear overview, Title Metadata Editor provides different flexible scenarios, e.g. ‘Product Release Milestone 1, Print’, ‘Version Release Milestone 2, E-Book’, ‘Standard Scientific Milestone 2’, etc. Each scenario comes with the appropriate attributes.

This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices.

Scenario Manager

Create your own scenarios that work best for you

If you’d like to work with different scenarios in Title Metadata Editor that are not part of the standard delivered by us, you can employ the Scenario Manager, an app to design your own schemes.

Creating your own scenario is done in a simple 3-step process that ensures maximum efficiency and reusability:

  • You first add the elements of our available attributes and arrange them in groups.
  • The second step is creating a canvas:visualize the element groups as desired and define which fields are mandatory or locked.
  • Finally, you build your own scenario by adding your canvases to it and assigning them to a workflow step – done. (You can also configure the tabs and add icons as desired, so the UI of your scenario will support you the best possible way.) 

Klopotek can also build special scenarios for you as a consulting service.

Processes tailored to your individual needs help to reduce the time required for handling tasks

Title Metadata Editor and Scenario Manager help you to create exactly the title management processes you need, resulting in harmonized workflows and improved data quality, as you decide which fields are mandatory at which point in time.


  • You decide which attributes and data should be included for perfect title management
  • It is easy to create your own user interface by arranging attributes in the app
  • To keep a clear overview at all times, you can choose from different flexible scenarios
  • Employ the Scenario Manager to create your own workflows for data entry that are not part of the standard delivered by us (including defining which fields have to be filled out, which data is read-only)
  • Klopotek can also build special scenarios for you as a consulting service
  • Title management on the STREAM platform: cloud-based, intuitive & easy to work with, a great user experience on any type of device
  • Software as a guide through completing essential tasks for bringing your titles successfully to market