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Klopotek royalty reporting matches EDItEUR and BISG requirements

In association with a BISG program aimed at the development of standards and best practices for the licensing of publishing rights, EDItEUR has developed a “strawman” analysis of the data content and structure required for a family of computer-to-computer royalty reporting messages.

Klopotek’s standard royalty statement already meets the requirements outlined in the strawman. So with the Klopotek Solution it is possible to provide the metadata for the royalty reporting message formats BISG and EDItEUR are aiming to define.

Klopotek is a member of BISG and EDItEUR and actively supports the development of publishing standards. Please find more information on royalty reporting here: http://www.editeur.org/125/Royalty-Reporting/

Please check out the Book Publishing Software Newsletter #2012-7 created by Kensai, where this information has been published.