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Welcome to our Editorials Page, which provides thoughts and insights from our industry experts on current issues in publishing. We would appreciate your feedback.

Magnificent Metadata for Mega Sellers

Data quality: the key to successful content marketing and the precondition for transparent and reliable rights management

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Completely integrated – Implementing a perfectly joined CRM suite at an educational publisher

Using a state-of-the-art CRM suite as an example, this article illustrates how complex business processes can be harmonized by integrating various best-of-breed systems that are available on the market. The system diversity enabled by the internet – combined with a clear approach to link individual systems – is a huge opportunity for publishers to make even very complex processes easily manageable. Complete integration can work – even beyond the area of CRM.

By Dr.-Ing. Michael Castner

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Smart apps supporting the entire product life cycle: STREAM for TEP

In 2019, Klopotek is putting a strong focus on taking handling your Title Management, Editorial, and Production processes to a new level – to intuitive business and workflow-driven support in the cloud. Find out about the WHYs and HOWs.

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ONIX 3.0, Thema, ICEDIS: How Klopotek implements the EDItEUR standards for its customers

As part of our membership of EDItEUR and as partner of the publishing business, we are involved in the continuing development of standards for data quality in publishing. In this interview, Dr. Michael Castner, Head of Product & Solution Management, Dr. Dirk Wetzel and Bernd Scheufler-Bolze, Product Managers, set out how Klopotek supports and utilizes the standards in general and the 2016 updates ONIX 3.0.3, Thema 1.2, and ICEDIS in particular in software solutions for its customers.

Questions by Stefan Kaufer

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Klopotek Permissions and Compliance Manager – state-of-the-art rights and compliance management helps to avoid legal issues

There have been significant changes in the permissions landscape in recent years, so having the right tools and technology in place to manage these dramatic changes is crucial for modern publishing – particularly with regard to managing permissions budgets and the risks associated with failure to manage often complex compliance obligations.

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Klopotek Rights Sales Manager – The relevance of a rights licensing system fit for purpose

The value of rights income has increased dramatically due to growing format and delivery options and the expansion of global market opportunities.

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Standing out of the ‘noise‘ of the market

Why (and how) Klopotek helps your content to stand out of ‘the noise of the market’ – with references to developments of the past few years at the Publishers’ Forum

Written by Stefan Kaufer

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The benefits of the Klopotek solution for publishers

As a result of ‘digitization’, ‘globalization’ and the substantial implications these dramatic changes have, new business models are being created, new players are entering the market, and new ways of accessing the market are being developed. Publishing and IT development are complementing each other’s efforts. Readers are turning into users who come up with their own ideas of how and when to make use of or ‘consume’ the content offered by publishers, and they want to decide about which channel to use.

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Klopotek for Educational & STM Publishers

Klopotek is the international market leader in the area of publishing software. We contribute to the success of more than 350 publishers with more than 4,400 imprints, with over 14,000 users, in 140+ locations.

In 2015, the Klopotek software was used to process invoices or royalties totaling approximately 4.6 billion euros net. Our software supports a total of approximately 4.4 million products world wide. About  3.5 billion € net revenue are processed with Klopotek to support invoicing and/or royalty accounting processes.

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A productive talk with the customer starts with having the right information

Noordhoff integrates back and front office systems (by Frank Veerkamp)

In order to provide a good service to your customers you need to know what’s going on – in detail. It is annoying if the relevant information you need is spread across different systems which don’t communicate with each other. Publisher Noordhoff is now linking all its systems with each other. Klopotek is providing the technology for this undertaking with its new STREAM platform. 

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A Brief History of Sales Channels

One definition I‘ve seen and like of a “sales channel” is “a method of distribution used by a business to sell its product.” The digital age we are currently in has certainly spawned a multitude of new sales channels, yet they still fall into two basic categories, whether you’re doing B2B or B2C: direct and indirect. It’s how we understand customer behavior and apply marketing strategy to these channels, though, that I believe makes the difference in being successful. And I think it’s important to understand how we got here, so I’d like to go back in time roughly 20 years. 

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A Perfect Storm in Publishing?

It is certainly true that publishers today face many challenges created by changing markets, technology and consumer demands. However, is it really a storm? Many of Klopotek’s customers have been facing this challenge, and thriving, for several years, and they have been doing this on Klopotek’s frameworks and digital publishing platform. 

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Reading vs. Other Distractions

Publishers like to think of selling books like a football tournament. Each publisher fields the best team they can for the season (their catalog of books) and they compete in the marketplace to see who will come out on top (through sales). What they don’t realize, is that for starters, they aren’t really playing the equivalent of football, or what we call soccer in the United States – the world’s most popular sport, naturally – but something akin to American football – you know the sport, it’s the one played by giant men in full padding and helmets. Americans love it, few others do.

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Discussing the future of the ISBN as a key identifier for digital products

An exchange of views and ideas about perspectives on the ISBN as the key identifier in the publishing supply chain in the digital age and the possibility of additional options for handling variants and granular content took place between the International ISBN Agency, the MVB (Marketing- und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels, Germany), and Klopotek on 5 March 2014.

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An Architecture of Collaboration

Physical supply chains promote efficiency: intermediaries aggregate supply and demand in ways that streamline the market for providers and aggregators.

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Future systems needs for publishers to manage marketing or products and content in a digital world

This article builds on our earlier article surrounding the use of  Bayes theory in predicting the true result of  product sales also available from our web site and some of the same theories are recounted here.

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Our world certainly seems to be filled to overflowing with media. To argue in favor of even more specialization and differentiation in a situation like this seems more than foolish – but still it is neither avoidable nor impossible.

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As part of the discussion surrounding stock cover and planning for specific target groups, Steve Waldron, Vice President of Business velopment for Klopotek North America, describes the combined application of individual formulae in tables with database information from PPM.

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Demand or Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) is a hot topic in today’s library world. The need is driven by stagnant or dwindling library budgets, libraries – predominately in the US, and now internationally – publishers have been exploring new ways to offer their patrons – i.e. library users – access to the broadest range of high-quality content for research and teaching in an affordable way.

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Libraries are going digital. In Germany there are franken onleihe and onleihe.net, but examples of this development can be found in any country. But how should e-books for libraries be priced?

Making e-books available to libraries is a  considerable  challenge for many publishers. There is a growing number of emerging business models. An article published on paidcontent.org on 1 May 2013 gives a brief summary of some of them.

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Publishers around the world have started embracing or are about to embrace the burgeoning e-book market. But, as digital pioneer Bob Stein pointed out at Klopotek’s Publishers’ Forum in 2011, “publishers are fooling themselves when they minimize the difference between reading on pages and reading on screens.” To date, most e-books are digital versions of printed books. There are ‘enhanced e-books’, adding video and audio elements. However, as Bob Stein argues, digital – and, more importantly – online texts "live on a network which connects readers to other readers, allowing social components to come forward and to multiply in value."

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