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Klopotek for Educational & STM Publishers


Klopotek is the international market leader in the area of publishing software. We contribute to the success of more than 350 publishers with more than 4,400 imprints, with over 14,000 users, in 140+ locations.

In 2015, the Klopotek software was used to process invoices or royalties totaling approximately 4.6 billion euros net. Our software supports a total of approximately 4.4 million products world wide. About  3.5 billion € net revenue are processed with Klopotek to support invoicing and/or royalty accounting processes.

Klopotek software supports 5 million subscriptions and 4 million products.

Klopotek’s Product Planning and Management system (PPM) enables publishers and media companies to optimize the management of internal and external processes. Publishers of every size – from small publishers to global media corporations – and of any kind – trade publishers, special interest publishers as well as STM publishers and educational publishers - plan, manage and market their complete print and digital product portfolios with PPM. With the support of modern workflows, PPM tools help to develop products.

Klopotek O2C (Order to Cash) integrates all the business models employed by publishers of journals and specialized information – now and in the future. With O2C you acquire a system for every manner of sales activity – including comprehensive CRM functionality that supports target groups and marketing cost management.

Klopotek software enables publishers to run their business successfully and efficiently through all phases of the publishing cycle including planning, production, marketing, rights and royalties, sales and distribution.

Klopotek adheres to common publishing standards as thema, BIC, BISAC, GTIN, XML, EPUB, SEPA or ONIX.

Publishing Processes are changing

Traditional processes in publishing are changing. New concepts of granular electronic products and the proliferation of content requires that there be appropriate support for these processes.  Especially in the area of STM and educational publishing we notice a clear focus change: First content, and then manifestation of content in certain product formats.

Klopotek supports all product formats.

The message: Especially STM- and educational publishers have to face an increasing number of products in combination with a decreasing number of copies per product. From the economical point of view this can only be managed with a high degree of automation and standardization.

Klopotek software enables the management of the processes around these product formats with limited costs.

The increasing variety of products and diversity of technical formats creates a challenge for the discovery of these in the market. This can only be assured based on a sophisticated metadata management system.

Klopotek offers a variety of functions to manage and create metadata.

A main focus at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair was “education and STM publishing“. University publishers, educational publishers, as well as service providers presented their ideas of future publishing in these areas: Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Sage, Oxford University Press, Cengage, Express Publishing, MM Publications, Pearson, the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG), McGraw-Hill Education, Cambridge University Press, Hewlett Packard, were present just to mention some of them.

They presented print products as well as digital products as well as hybrid products where printed content is complemented with interactive components.

Klopotek supports the management of these kinds of products.

Component based Business

Today publishing products are thought of and planned in more granular units than residing in an entire book. Those units can be represented by chapters and sub-chapters or by other media formats like audio files or videos, but also even more granular units like text chunks can be the subjects of matter.

New business models and product formats require a more flexible way of combing these units in several product versions. For example it is possible that the hardcover version of a book contains three chapters but the E-Book version contains the same three chapters plus one video which shall be sold as a single unit.

This example emphasizes the situation publishers are facing – for many publishers it is not sufficient any more to plan their products like classical print books. Product components are in the focus of attention. They have their own value and product life-cycle, they need to be planned; they need to have rights allocated and the possibility of selling them needs to be supported.

With Klopotek it is possible to handle this component oriented processes.

Just plan all components as single items independent from the fact that a component could be used in a future product manifestation of the version family or the edition family or not. There is a pre-planning phase which focuses on the components and their shape before assigning them to future products.

Sets in Sets

Publishers need to create and maintain complex product structures, product families, and kits or assortments in the fields of educational and STM publishing.

The Klopotek system allows for the assignment of sets as components of other sets and thus manage multi-dimensional set structures.

Multi-level sets offer high flexibility in XML exports, price determination, warehousing etc. as the system is able to interpret the individual parameters recursively.

Integration with SAP

Seamless system integration is one key factor to keep spending on budget.

Klopotek offers standardized integration with leading financial systems.
The picture illustrates the Klopotek-SAP standard integration regarding products, suppliers, calculations, supplier invoices, marketing activities and stock items.

This interface architecture is modular and flexible.

The product interface data can be provided for SAP-MM (Materials Management) as well as for SAP-PP (Production Planning and Control) or e. g. for SAP-CO-PC (Product Costing).

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