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ONIX & STREAM: managing a growing variety of feeds

Complete and rich metadata is the key to success. Products with incomplete metadata go to the bottom in the noise of the publishing market. Therefore, the ONIX feed management is an important and growing topic in the industry and must go in line with the market requirements for metadata. [Read more]lees meer

Interview about the safety features of Klopotek Cloud

In an interview about modern IT and data security, Peter Karwowski, CTO and Deputy CEO of the Klopotek Group, and Marco Losavio, Managing Director of Klopotek Software & Technology Services Italia and Deputy CTO, explain the technology features of the newly established Klopotek Cloud offering. Read the interview [PDF file] lees meer

Bernhard Dock becomes COO of the Klopotek Group

We are happy to announce that Bernhard Dock will be appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Klopotek Group on 1 July 2020 and in this position become an Associated Member of the Executive Board.In his new role, he will be responsible for managing and organizing all operational processes and ensuring that all steps are taken to achieve…lees meer

Temporary changes to tax regulations no problem

In a rush, Germany und Austria decided (Austria: final decision still to happen) to lower VAT rates for a limited period of time as part of a number of efforts to even out some of the damages to the economy resulting from the Corona pandemic. You can even be faster when implementing these modifications in your Klopotek O2C and Royalty system (now…lees meer

Stories and thoughts about working from home

Like most people at the moment, almost everybody employed by Klopotek is working from home now, as a result of the actions and precautions started in March 2020 to stop the (fast) spreading of the Coronona virus. Some of our employees are used to it, but for others, it’s a new experience. We asked four people at Klopotek in different positions…lees meer