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Founded in 1992, the software company Klopotek, is synonymous with standardized software in the publishing industry. Klopotek employs around 180 people in Europe and the USA with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Gioia del Colle, Milton Keynes, Paris, and Parsippany (New Jersey). Klopotek has been the market leader for publishing solutions in Germany since 1998 and today, more than 14,000 employees in over 350 publishing houses with over 4,400 imprints around the world trust in the Klopotek software.

  • Klopotek software is implemented in more than 140 locations worldwide.
  • Klopotek solutions are used around the world because they enable international publishing groups to work with multiple locations, multiple currencies, multiple languages and multiple companies.
  • Klopotek software offers solutions for all the print and online business processes in the publishing industry.
  • It is based on Best Practice solutions developed after years of experience analyzing business processes and cooperating with publishers.
  • It is standardized and can be implemented as an end-to-end solution or on a pre-configured, modular basis.
  • Available in-house or as a SaaS solution plus on the Klopotek STREAM platform (web apps)
  • Suitable for both small publishers and large publishing groups.

Klopotek analyses business processes and advises companies on the optimization of their workflows.

Klopotek organizes international exchanges on necessary processes of change brought about by technological breakthroughs, digitization and new models for utilizing content. Conferences such as the Publishers' Forum bring together decision makers from publishing houses, service providers and academia and develop new perspectives.

Klopotek Business Solutions provides cross-sector consulting and software development services. The group's long-standing customer relationships are rooted in successful projects and in their close cooperation with the industrial, service, and public sectors (e.g. for Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, BASF or Siemens).