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O2C – Order to Cash - Sales system

The O2C sales system enables publishers and distributors to sell and ship digital and physical products efficiently. Books, e-books, print and electronic journals, articles, loose-leaf works, databases, services, audio, video, apps, merchandise – all of a publisher's products and customers are handled in a standardized system. O2C supports every distribution channel, physical shipments from a warehouse, electronic delivery via portals, booksellers, web shops, consignments sales, online booksellers, aggregators. In this way, O2C uniquely supports the switch from traditional to digital business models in a way which includes both sides.

With O2C

  • Sales manages all products and prices
  • Customer service manages addresses, customer data and terms, complaints and all communication
  • Customer service enters orders for every kind of product
  • Marketing plans and controls marketing activities and evaluates their success
  • Prices, terms and shipping costs are determined automatically and invoicing is automated
  • Stock and shipping and dispatch are automated
  • Returns are processed efficiently and credit notes are created

Unique features

  • Efficient order processing: identify the customer and product, the software takes over the other tasks and determines all the necessary data automatically from master data
  • Bundles of subscription and single products and of physical and digital products
  • Media neutral ordering system; every kind of product and order in just one system
  • Electronic ordering
  • Real-time web shop integration via Web Services
  • Integration with web delivery platforms – authorize digital shipments in real-time via Message Based Services
  • CRM, address management and marketing, postal check and duplicate recognition
  • Full support for the specifics of the book trade
  • Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Onix, and Centraal Boekhuis integration
  • Direct marketing and direct sales tools
  • Multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company

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