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PPM – Contracts, Rights & Royalties

PPM CR&R enables publishers to secure, manage and exploit their usage rights efficiently. With PPM CR&R, product managers create contracts with authors, publishers, illustrators, translators, musicians and other rights holders. Royalty payments are made in accordance with international evaluation standards. Rights departments optimize the acquisition of rights and increase revenues from conventional and electronic rights – whether for series, single works or fragments.

With PPM CR&R, you can manage all your contracts, royalties and exploitation rights for books, e-books, journals, articles, audio books, tracks and apps in an integrated system.

Digital business models place demanding requirements on contract, rights and royalties management. CR&R supports your transition from traditional to digital business models in an unrivaled and comprehensive fashion.

With PPM CR&R, author relationships are the center of your operations.

With PPM – Contracts, Rights & Royalties

  • Product managers create contracts efficiently
  • Contract phases are always clear and follow defined approval criteria
  • Rights holders receive royalty payments according to freely definable statement cycles and conditions
  • Rights holders are provided with clear, detailed information in the form they desire
  • Royalties are settled in accordance with the most demanding international evaluation standards
  • Advances, forecasts, payment approvals and collections are secure and reliable
  • Rights departments have immediate access to the available subsidiary rights
  • Rights departments manage the marketing and sale of subsidiary rights and permissions

Contract management

  • Workflow-controlled contract management guarantees a transparent log and maximum security
  • Automatic creation of contract documents and storage via the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
  • Flexible contract amendments and addenda
  • Complex royalty models with variable conditions
  • Multi-book contracts and contracts with multiple royalty recipients
  • Efficient management of permissions

Royalty management

  • Recipients can freely select currencies and languages for their royalty statements
  • Royalty statements for authors around the world, in accordance with the applicable income and sales tax regulations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Electronic royalty statements and archiving
  • Complies with international evaluation standards such as IFRS and SOX, and is always in sync with your central accounting system
  • Management of advances, forecasts, control of the payment process
  • Simple integration with common sales and financial systems

Rights management

  • Certainty when selling rights due to the integrated comparison system
  • Constant access to all available rights and sub-rights
  • Options, embargo periods, time limits – each specified by country, area, distribution channel, product type
  • Workflow-supported marketing of rights, active tracking of expiring options and integrated e-mail functionality
  • Debitor management with automatically generated rights claims, invoices and reminders
  • Incoming payments can easily be linked to claims and the author's share is calculated automatically
  • Automatic creation of offers and sales contracts

Royalties at a Glance with Authors Online

  • Fully integrated into PPM – Contracts, Rights & Royalties
  • Web-based service with display and search functions
  • Detailed information on royalties, advance payments and sub rights
  • Access for authors, royalties and editing departments as well as agencies
  • Reduced workload and quicker access to information; support of the financial accounts/royalties departments no longer needed; increased author satisfaction as royalty information can be accessed at any time, including a history of previous royalty statements

Selected Customers


Case Studies

Canadian Publishers Hosted Software Solutions - CPHSS (A4 format)

Canadian Publishers Hosted Software Solutions - CPHSS (A4 format)

“The reason that we selected Klopotek was because it’s a large system with a very broad range of modules and functionality“: Case Study CPHSS

The Supply Chain Committee of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) selected Klopotek as a hosted software solution for its members. Partly funded by the Canadian Heritage Book Publishing Industry Development Program, the companies selecting Klopotek formed an independent company – Canadian Publishers Hosted Software Solutions (CPHSS) – to support and maintain an independent version of the Klopotek publishing solution. The Klopotek solution allowed the participants to replace their existing IT systems with a centralized database solution. In our main interview, Peter Milroy, Director University of British Columbia Press (UBCpress), Vancouver, and Hamish Cameron, IT Manager, University of Toronto Press (UTP), point out the relevance of the ONIX Canadian 'Gold' Standard for catalog production and the benefits of a software solution that integrates all aspects of handling contracts, rights and royalties.

Moody Publishers (A4 format)

Moody Publishers (A4 format)

“Implementing Klopotek has aided in reporting, so that we can do analysis work to make better-informed decisions on what we do to enhance the market share": Case Study Moody

Moody Publishers has been working with an integrated version of Global Turnkey Systems’ product UNISON and Klopotek PPM since April 2008. In the middle of 2008, Moody implemented the PPM Product Pool and Business Partner Pool. Since that time, PPM has become the sole repository for maintaining product and author information. In June of 2009, Moody went live with the Production, Scheduling, and Production Cockpit modules, and August saw the beginning of phase 3: implementing Contracts, Rights & Royalties (CR&R). Duane Koenig, Director of Operations, and Gregory Miller, Manager of Business Solutions, explain why this software selection has radically improved many of Moody’s publishing processes, why Klopotek gives them vastly improved ability to monitor all aspects of rights management and payment, and what future plans are with Klopotek.

Thomas Nelson (A4 format)

Thomas Nelson (A4 format)

Case Study Klopotek Software Implementation – Contracts, Rights & Royalties (CR&R)

Thomas Nelson, a Christian publisher with the mission to “inspire the world” and the seventh largest trade publisher in the USA, went live with Klopotek’s solution for Contracts, Rights & Royalties (CR&R), a module of the Product Planning and Management system (PPM), in November 2008. Troy Edens, Senior Vice President and Controller, and Christine Jones, Director of Accounting, Royalty, took the time to share their thoughts and experiences about the growing need to improve effi ciency in rights management and the benefi ts of a solution that integrates all aspects of contracts, rights, and royalties.



F.A. Davis (A4 format)

F.A. Davis (A4 format)

Klopotek’s total software solution removes redundancy and overlapping of information

In June 2007, F.A. Davis went live with Klopotek’s Customer Care Management (CCM), Book Sales and Distribution (BSD) and Product Planning and Management (PPM) for Production. Four months later, in October, the company completed the ‘switch to Klopotek’ by implementing PPM for Contracts, Rights & Royalties. George Ricciardi, Director of MIS / Internet Services, gave some insight into why F.A. Davis implemented Klopotek software and the benefi ts of an integrated solution for their business performance.