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PPM – Title Management & Product Marketing

For publishers, the PPM Title Management system ensures the successful planning and marketing of their digital and physical products. Whether trade, educational, specialist or academic publishing house: PPM Title Management helps to develop products and to turn content into business. The publisher enriches books, e-books, printed and electronic journals, articles, loose-leaf works, databases, services, audio, video, apps, and merchandise with standard ONIX metadata. Publishers manage their relationships with authors and service providers in a unified system.

With PPM Product Marketing, publishers automate the creation of flyers, brochures, catalogs, newsletters and webpages in different technical formats to serve every marketing channel. Standardized output forms ensure timely connections to web shops and aggregators.

With PPM – Title Management & Product Marketing

  • Products are managed collaboratively by various departments
  • Planning reacts flexibly to new and familiar products and formats
  • Product managers create cost estimates and break-even analyses for new product ideas at the push of a button
  • Editorial staff make informed decisions for or against new projects on the basis of reliable data
  • Marketing advertises classic print products, subscription download products or access to content via cloud computing
  • Publicity departments deal with the tasks relating to reviews and public relations
  • Tap the potential of viral marketing and social media

Unique features

  • Brief period of familiarization due to predefined standard processes for every area of title management and product marketing
  • Consistent, consolidated metadata feed on an ONIX basis for print and web catalogs, portals, aggregators
  • Digital content and title information are fully integrated for use with PPM and ensure efficient online marketing of the publisher's products.
  • Standardized, automated data export ensures that products can be found on Amazon, Google Book Search, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Nielsen Bookdata, Centraal Boekhuis and other online platforms.
  • Flexible classification and selection of products and prospects (e.g. according to BISAC) for individually compiled, targeted, on-demand production and distribution of catalogs and flyers
  • Management of info-texts, product websites, cover pictures in any resolution, example chapters, and text, audio and video reviews
  • Real-time web shop integration via Web Services and Message Based Services
  • Multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company

Special features of Klopotek’s metadata management

  • Efficient, user-friendly metadata entry for various digital formats
  • Fully integrated Digital Asset Management tool
  • Configurable metadata for every type of asset – including reusability
  • Asset management at chapter or chunk level
  • Central title data entry for planned new releases
  • Full support for ONIX 3.0
  • Assignment of separate ISBNs (and other identifiers) right down to chunk level
  • Multiple e-books formats (variants) for a single edition of a title
  • Configurable, searchable identifiers for different distribution channels (e.g. ASIN)
  • Integration of the ‘Thema’ classification system

'Sunset' of ONIX 2.1 (end of 2014)

Klopotek would like to remind all users of the ONIX standard that EDItEUR issued a ‘sunset date’ of 31 December 2014 for the 10 year old ONIX 2.1 standard. ONIX 2.1 will continue to operate post 1 January 2015, however it will no longer receive the level of support that it had in the past. In particular, documentation has been archived and online DTD/XSD support for XML validation has been removed from EDItEUR’s website. This affects anyone relying on the DTD/XSD files on the EDItEUR website, for example for validation of XML files: validation can now only be done if the DTD has been stored locally or in a network; it will no longer be possible if the system links to the EDItEUR website.

EDItEUR has published a paper with recommendations to avoid failures in processing ONIX 2.1 files after the sunset date.

The standard of the Klopotek software and several customer-specific outputs contain links to the EDItEUR website however as there is no validation function, so there is no need for change.

Please get in touch with your Klopotek consultant for more detailed information about ONIX 3.0 and how we can support you with the move to ONIX 3.0.

Selected Customers

Case Studies

Thomas Nelson (A4 format)

Thomas Nelson (A4 format)

Case Study Klopotek Software Implementation – Contracts, Rights & Royalties (CR&R)

Thomas Nelson, a Christian publisher with the mission to “inspire the world” and the seventh largest trade publisher in the USA, went live with Klopotek’s solution for Contracts, Rights & Royalties (CR&R), a module of the Product Planning and Management system (PPM), in November 2008. Troy Edens, Senior Vice President and Controller, and Christine Jones, Director of Accounting, Royalty, took the time to share their thoughts and experiences about the growing need to improve effi ciency in rights management and the benefi ts of a solution that integrates all aspects of contracts, rights, and royalties.