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Klopotek Analytics

Unlock the analytical and strategic potential of the data you manage in Klopotek

Klopotek Analytics is a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution that specifically addresses the reporting and business intelligence needs of publishers. The solution is built on Pentaho, a leading business intelligence and data integration platform.

Visualize and analyze

Gain insight on day-to-day operations and predictive analytics with state-of-the-art interactive visual analysis designed for desktops and mobile devices. Klopotek’s Classic Line solution and STREAM web apps are fully integrated with Klopotek Analytics.

The drag-and-drop tool for creating interactive reports is powerful and easy to use. The reports can be run on demand or scheduled for recurring publication.

KPIs at a glance: responsive dashboard

Monitor key performance indicators from multiple areas of your organization. Easily include charts, graphs and interactive reports with intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard design. Parameter filters allow you to instantly narrow your focus to specific segments.

Business Intelligence

Klopotek Analytics offers state-of-the-art BI reporting and analysis, including 3D analysis reports (OLAP services), dashboarding (advanced enterprise dashboards), data mining and ETL capabilities (for example for gathering and understanding social media data). Many graphic options, including crosstab and chart views, are available.

Klopotek Analytics is suitable for all Klopotek solutions; i.e. for applications which use SQL (Oracle) and NoSQL (MarkLogic) databases.

Reliability & governance

Blended data must be governed to ensure validity and accuracy. Klopotek Analytics allows you to maintain data governance rules while enabling self-service analysis.
Backup and recovery options are available. The information can be saved in all popular formats at the touch of a button.

Products tailored to your specific needs

Klopotek Analytics is available as two products:

  • Klopotek Analytics Advanced: contains the interactive reporting features
  • Klopotek Analytics Premium: contains interactive reporting and BI options (including full access to the Klopotek analytics tools to create your own data sources and reports)


  • Interactive visual analysis (interactive reporting)
  • Business intelligence (analysis reporting)
  • Optimized for desktops and mobile devices (Klopotek Classic Line / STREAM)
  • Access: web client or mobile devices; single sign-on
  • Responsive dashboards with key performance indicators and filters
  • Support for both SQL (Oracle) and NoSQL (MarkLogic) databases
  • ETL capabilities across diverse databases
  • Output in popular formats (HTML, PDF, MS Excel, XML and more)
  • Analytics security and content permissions
  • Reliable; backup and recovery options provided
  • Low cost subscription pricing, implementation, and operation

Klopotek Analytics for CRR

Customize our many report templates for crucial areas by drag & drop

Klopotek Analytics is our powerful reporting and business intelligence solution that specifically addresses the needs of publishers for flexible reporting and analysis in their daily business. The solution is built on top of Pentaho, a leading BI and data integration platform owned by Hitachi Data Systems.

Klopotek Analytics for CRR takes our CRR reporting to another dimension

In the area of Contracts, Rights, and Royalties (CRR), Klopotek Analytics provides over 36 pre-defined report templates. The underlying comprehensive data sources allow flexible adjustment of the reports or individual reporting. Data can be real-time or updated on a regular basis depending on your specific needs. The reports are available in multiple languages.

Adjusting or building your reports is easy

In comparison to traditional ways of creating reports, Administrators and Power Users at a publisher can easily tailor the report templates provided by us to their specific needs by adding and removing filters and attributes using drag & drop functionality. The underlying data sources cover common attributes in a specific reporting context:

  • Klopotek CRR – Acquisition Contract Reporting
  • Klopotek CRR – Royalties Reporting
  • Klopotek CRR – Royalty Calculation Error Reporting
  • Klopotek CRR – Sub Rights Financial Reporting
  • Klopotek ERP – Change Log – Modifi cation History
  • Klopotek OOS – One-Off Sales Statistics

Behind the data sources, a new data warehouse was built for optimal performance on reporting while also real-time data sources are available depending on the intended purpose.


So what type of standard reports are available?

There are numerous standard reports available to you now within each of the above areas.

Acquisition Contract Reporting

Manage your Acquisition Contract process. There are many Contract and Advance Management reports. Some examples are what contracts exist with Fixed Term Duration, Unpaid Advance reports and Key Delivery and Publication Timeline reports, etc.

Royalties Reporting

Handling your Royalties business is split into:

  • General Reporting – where you can find the Royalty Balance report, Authors Ledger, etc.
  • Royalty Error Lists – these reports are linked the Royalty Calculation. Explore your royalty error messages with the ‘Klopotek CRR – Royalty Errors’ data source. There are attributes for the dimensions ‘Contract’, ‘Account’, and ‘Product’. Select from these templates:

    • Royalty Calculation errors by Royalty Calculation Process ID
    • Royalty Calculation errors by a specific Contract Number
    • Royalty Calculation errors by a specific Account Number
    • Royalty Calculation errors by Lead Publisher which allows you to distribute any errors easily to a specific Publisher team to deal with and correct

The data sources given here are connected to your productive environment in real time.

  • Royalty Postings – the data source ‘Klopotek CRR – Royalty Postings’ supports the dimensions ‘Contract’, ‘Account’, ‘Document’, and ‘Product’ with the most relevant attributes for interactive reporting. The templates you can choose from are:

    • Royalty Posting List Summary
    • Royalty Posting List by Account
    • Royalty Posting List by Document Number

The data sources listed here are connected to your productive environment in real time.

Sub Rights Financial Reporting

This is where you can find a number of Financial reports for managing your rights income. This includes reports showing the Rights Contracts Signature Status, Rights mIncome received, and Unallocated Rights.

Change bank account details / Modification History Reporting

You can report on your change protocol entries using ‘Klopotek ERP – Change Log’. This interactive data source provides the most relevant attributes for the dimensions ‘Change’ and “Business Partner’.

The template ‘Changes in Bank Details’ can be used, so it is easy to search for changes in an IBAN or SWIFT code and see the date this information has been modified, by whom, using which application etc. This is very helpful for audit and control purposes.

The data sources given here are connected to your productive environment in real time.

Sales Reporting

You can also choose from Sales reports with Royalty implications. Examples are the Non Royalty Report (which reports on products which have been allocated a classification of Non royalty and therefore are not expected to be linked to an Author Contract) or Sales Reports by Product.

Reporting in these areas is significantly easier in comparison to the related options available in the Classic Line.

Do it your way …

Publishers are not limited to the report templates provided by Klopotek: they can build their own reports, if desired, based on the data sources available in our Klopotek Analytics for CRR bundle. Premium Users of Klopotek Analytics can also create their own data sources.

The next version of this bundle will contain more data sources and over 50 templates. It will also feature options for interactive reporting in the area of Royalty Statement Printing.

About Pentaho

Pentaho, a Hitachi Data Systems company, is a leading data integration and business analytics company with an enterprise-class, open source-based platform for diverse big data deployments. The Pentaho mission is to help organizations across industries harness the value from all their data, including big data and Internet of Things (IoT), enabling them to find new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, deliver outstanding service and minimize risk.