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Rights Portal with integrated Rights Sales Solution

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Welcome to the Big Picture of handling your rights business:
Rights Portal with integrated Rights Sales Solution

Klopotek is creating a unique solution for optimizing the communication between rights sellers and buyers, enabling both parties to manage and contribute to the core business processes – browser-based and on all types of devices.

This is what you can look forward to: a state-of-the-art Rights Sales Solution that runs on the cloud-based platform Klopotek STREAM with exceptional user interaction, integrated with relevant parts of the robust, audit-tested Klopotek Classic Line, and connected to a Rights Portal for sophisticated communication between buyers and sellers.

The Rights Sales Solution

Our Rights Sales Solution provides end-to-end support for making and handling rights offers, covering the entire sales process from recording interests to contract handling and accounting. A core component – enabling users to negotiate rights deals – is the Rights Sales Manager app which draws title information from Klopotek Title Management, Editorial & Production (TEP – Classic Line), contract data from Klopotek Contracts, Rights & Royalties (CR&R – Classic Line), and business partner information from the Klopotek CRM solution (combination of technologies). All relevant licensee information, such as fields of interests, classifications, offers, etc. is displayed in the highly customizable dashboard of our Contact 360° app.

The Contract Manager and Contract Workflow Manager apps provide a quick and efficient way of generating rights sales contracts, followed by handling Rights Accounting. All rights-related activities are managed and monitored in interactive, ad-hoc and customizable reports created in Klopotek Analytics, which uses the proven Klopotek Data Layer as its foundation.

The Rights Portal

Rights buyers can access title and rights information in the Rights Portal (which can be customized for your Group, companies and/or the publishers you partner with), enabling them to reach out to rights holders about acquiring specific rights. Title information is transmitted to the Portal from TEP using an XML feed. This title data is enriched with rights data in the Rights Sales Manager and made available to the Portal by an adaptor. The information that is sent to the Portal can include the entire backlist or specific rights guides that you create for a particular event, such as a book fair. You will also be able to enter and update information via a Content Management System.

Using the Classification Manager app, rights buyers can get access in the Portal to the desired product and rights data in line with the industry classification standards they are used to working with (BIC, BISAC, 'thema', etc.). This smart app is also able to ‘translate’ from one standard to the other.

After having registered as Portal Users, rights buyers are able to create their individual interest profiles, so other titles which will be relevant to them can be presented based on the information they provided.

In the Portal, rights can be offered and acquired at a granular level. This makes it possible for the rights buyer to bundle and combine the particular rights that have been selected as desired as one coherent step of a smooth workflow. The data is then sent to the Rights Sales Solution as an interest for being processed and returned to the buyer as an offer.


Klopotek’s Rights Sales Solution and Rights Portal will enable rights holders to build strong communities around the rights they are offering. By enabling rights sellers to contribute to the process and thus enabling them to collaborate, business processes and licensee satisfaction will significantly improve. If you want to learn about our Rights Solution in more detail, please contact your local Klopotek representative to confirm an appointment.