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‘thema‘ Subject Category Scheme

‘thema’ is a new global subject classification system for books.

“The ‘thema’ project was launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012, and a pilot draft of ‘thema’ version 0.9 was published on 19 April 2013. […] Early development was guided by a ‘thema‘ board and a technical committee, and drew upon earlier work with an internationalised version of the BIC subject scheme. ‘thema‘ goes further to ensure that it is internationally relevant, by combining a robust selection of shared subject categories with an expansive list of subject qualifiers which can contain national variants and extensions. ‘thema‘ provides a structure that has global application while meeting local needs.” (Source: EDItEUR website)

“’thema’ is intended for use by all parts of the book trade: unlike other book trade subject classifications, it aims to be globally applicable. And in contrast to various library classifications that are used internationally, it is tailored for commercial use within the trade. It is a flexible standard that allows each market to retain its unique cultural voice while still presenting a unified subject hierarchy that rationalises book classification.” (Source: EDItEUR website)

For more detailed information please go to the EDItEUR website: http://www.editeur.org/151/Thema/

'thema' and Klopotek

A number of rules have to be followed when combining a selection of subject categories and subject qualifiers.

Klopotek offers an implementation package for customers who’d like to use ‘thema’. It consists of an update of Klopotek PPM and the browser-based STREAM app Classification Manager. For more information please contact your consultant.