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Adoption Information

Managing adoptions is key to success in educational publishing, whether it is the relation between products – schools – classes – teachers in the schoolbook business or whether it is the relation between products – topics – universities – professors/lecturers in higher education.

Klopotek’s "Adoption Information" module is a sophisticated tool that integrates into the Klopotek CRM functionality. It assists educational and academic publishers in strucutring and managing the particular relationships between schools, universities, teachers/lecturers and students, and this information can be used for focused marketing activties in this particular target group with its own special needs and internal dynamics.

Additionally, information about the publications of competitors used in classes and courses is used to manage the right approach to your customers.

Adoption Management helps offering the right educational products to the right people at the right time.

Unique features

  • Provision of teachers and schools with promotional material
  • Shipping of complimentary copies
  • Preparation and evaluation of promotional for schools and teachers
  • Management of information on competitors' promotional and sales activities (adoption status)
  • Shipping of inspection copies

  • The tool caters for the requirements of different school systems:

    • Three-level classification (school category – school type – subjects); predefined school type

    • Educational institutions/organizations and teachers/lecturers are described in the form of an n-level classification.

    • Relationships between teachers/lectures and schools/institutions/organizations can be described using user-defined plausibilities.