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Information providers

Traditional publishers of print products, such as books and journals, have had to adapt and change as their customers demand ever changing new media products, such as digital newsletters, emailed information, databases, or indexed electronic articles. With these new products come new revenue streams and sales models. Subscriptions, bundled subscription / one-off products, pre-paid and then used access to electronic content, to name just a few. So publishers are evolving to be more content or information providers.

The information provider’s business can hardly be supported with the traditional ISBN-centric publishing software of the past. Our PPM Product Planning- and Management software and our O2C Order to Cash software are uniquely different:

  • All publishing products, books, e-books, printed and electronic journals, but also newsletters, databases, or apps
  • Subscription and one-off products in one system
  • Bundles of subscriptions and one-off products
  • Pre-paid and usage-based products based on definable units, e.g. points, minutes, MB
  • The Product Component Manager supports definable sub-structured products, e.g. tracks of a CD, articles of a book
  • Electronic and paperless business in all aspects, from web services for order creation to electronic invoices
  • CRM, address management and marketing
  • Contracts and rights management for artwork, music, video, audio, …
  • Royalties for non-traditional products, e.g. content sales through website or aggregator