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Non-Profit Organizations

Today, almost all non-profit organizations are facing shrinking budgets coupled with the need to produce more publications and content. Some are also facing open content initiatives where publications that originally earned revenue are now given away.

The publications are often specialized, containing illustrations, mathematical formulae and tables and need to be produced and adapted in short timeframes. Many non-profit organizations have come to the realization that they need to be able to do more with less resources and a way to achieve that is through integrated system automation, building streamlined workflows through every aspect of the organization.

For these publishers, Klopotek offers a robust solution set that provides integrated workflows, standardized processes, a single point of entry and sophisticated applications support that enables high quality metadata,  prescient calculations, data and web technologies to provide secure access to sensitive content. Of most interest in this sector are the Klopotek PPM CR&R and PPM Production modules, these pre-configured applications provide the following services:

  • World class royalty and rights management in one integrated module
  • Title management and product marketing, AI sheets, Tipsheets and more
  • Seamless ONIX messaging to ONIX 3.0
  • Editorial and acquisition management
  • Extensive budget and fiscal controls for project cost management
  • Sophisticated scheduling and workflow management
  • The Product Component Manager supports definable sub-structured products, e.g. tracks of a CD, articles of a book
  • Web services to provide functionality and secure access
  • CRM, address management and –marketing
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management features to secure all documents, images and data associated to any product
  • Extensibility of applications so that a publisher can roll out functionality as needed