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Authors Online

Tailored royalty information for authors, agencies, and publisher’s employees

The browser-based solution Authors Online offers your employees as well as authors and agencies easy-to-access, intuitive information on royalties, advances and subsidiary rights. In addition, you can create and send out e-statements (electronic royalty statements).

Authors Online runs on Klopotek STREAM, a cloud-centric platform for optimised user interaction on desktop computers and mobile devices.

It is the ideal web app for everyone in publishing who needs direct and fast access to key information (at the office or while travelling, using a smartphone or a tablet), including options for drilling down to view important details, such as distribution channels, areas and royalties rules as well as subsidiary rights earnings and shares.

For cooperating with authors …

With Authors Online you are offering your authors an important, additional benefit: more transparency and more detailed royalty information – including a comprehensive history.

The data which they can potentially view include:

  • Advance payments
  • Revenues sorted by type and period
  • Royalties sorted by market
  • Royalties sorted by version
  • Subsidiary rights revenues sorted by type and period
  • View and download royalty statements

Authors Online can be integrated in an electronic document creation and dispatch workflow, so that e-statements can be safely viewed in downloaded from the app. Sending out e-statements instead of printed statements saves time, decreases your costs (paper, printing, postage) and is environmentally friendly (resource conservation).

For cooperating with agencies …

Authors Online makes it easier to provide agents with comprehensive information, giving you a competitive edge in rights acquisitions, because agents can quickly and easily access all the information related to their authors.

For your employees …

You can employ Authors Online in the back office as a fast, easy-to-use reporting tool for royalties – either for the royalties department itself, which can access Authors Online directly from contracts in Klopotek PPM (Product Planning and Management system), or for other employees who simply want to get a quick overview of particular authors or titles.

Decision-making processes in your publishing house will be streamlined, because management can evaluate the success of an author – retrospectively or prospectively – at any time without having to request details from the accounting or royalties departments.


  • Web-based app with display and search options as well as the distribution of e-statements
  • Fast and easy access for authors, agencies, and publisher’s employees
  • Detailed overview of royalties, advance payments and subsidiary rights (options for drilling down)
  • Shorter lines of communication, reduced workload in the royalties and accounting departments
  • Better author relationships as a result of constant and immediate access to current and historical information

Author 360°

Quick access to all your author information, tailor-made for each user’s workplace and device 

As your basic information center for details about royalty recipients, Author 360° provides a complete 360° view on all author information to the various functional types of users in your organization with a configurable, widget-based dashboard. It also provides seamless and fast jump-out functionality to other applications of our CRR suite. 

Author 360° is directly connected to key applications in the area of contracts, rights, and royalties, but can also jump to Product 360° and thus to the Title Management, Editorial, and Production area of our solution.

Recent activities which have been done using the app are stored, and ‘top authors’ you work with every day can be bookmarked.

This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices.

Arrange widgets to create your personal dashboard

The content and overall look and feel of every dashboard can be individualized, providing high-level to granular information based on the needs of role and responsibilities of the individual user.

The layout of the widgets has been designed to present their content in the most efficient way: all the necessary information is presented at one glance.

There are four widgets that can be included in your dashboard:

  • Author Taxation

    • Displays taxation information for the royalty recipient

  • Contracted Products

    • Provides a clear overview of all products created by the selected author

  • Product Involvement

    • Lists all the products / contributions a royalty recipient has been involved in

  • Royalty Creditor Details

    • Displays the basic information regarding the individual payable accounts belonging to a royalty recipient
    • Also shows whether the royalty recipient receives their royalty statements electronically (in Authors Online or by email)


  • 360° view of author details: information center for jumping to other applications
  • Central entry point from author perspective to the CRR area (Contracts, Rights, and Royalties) of our software; direct link to TEP area (Title Management, Editorial, and Production)
  • Can be used as entry point for all interactions with your royalty recipients, to view contracts, to check royalty statements, etc.
  • Bookmarks; recent activities
  • Arrange widgets on your personalized dashboard as desired