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Blurb Manager

Creating and adding all types of texts for title approval & marketing made easy

The Blurb Manager supports creating various text elements that are needed in the title approval process, for marketing activities as well as for providing bibliographic details.

In the Klopotek Classic Line, such text elements are created in conjunction with the product as notes or content descriptions. The STREAM app enables the user to add blurbs to either works or products.

Focusing on the work (instead of the product) and adding blurbs to it (rather than to the product) can be a huge advantage. The blurbs added to a work can not only be made available for all product forms derived from the work, they are also part of all product export procedures including the catalog export.

The web app also supports ‘links’ that reference information elements stored in other environments. It can be used in the context of the Early Work Manager or Title Metadata Manager as well as a stand-alone tool.


  • Simple creation of texts (‘blurbs’) for title approval, marketing and providing bibliographic information
  • Blurbs can be created for both products and works (various products can be derived from a work)
  • Can be part of all product export procedures, incl. catalog export
  • Supports ‘links’ to information stored in other environments
  • Can be used in conjunction with other STREAM apps or as a standalone product