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Classification Manager

Reduce classifying all types of products based on all industry standards to a minimum of effort

The Classification Manager is an additional STREAM module designed to complement the Klopotek publishing suite. The Web App links directly to Klopotek’s product pool and offers a selection of features that support the classification of products with an optimum number of relevant industry categories while maintaining its focus on the overall classification workflow.

Classifying books, e-books, and other products is a key factor in product marketing and sales. Products that are tagged with a high-quality subject classification profit from increased visibility in different markets, whilst becoming more discoverable by potential buyers and intended target audiences.

National and international industry standards bodies such as EDItEUR, BISG, or BIC have been working on classification schemas as a service and tool for the book industry’s supply chain for many years. Classification schemes such as ‘thema’, BISAC and BIC are large category trees that are designed to cover all relevant subject areas or classification needs.

Publishing houses which use Klopotek have implemented the ‘thema’ category schema, as well as BISAC and/or BIC subject categories.

The Classification Manager enables editorial, sales, and marketing users to identify the relevant categories easily and to classify their products as consistently as possible while keeping their effort for the assignment of classifications to a minimum.

The Classification Manager is linked directly to Klopotek PPM (Product Planning and Management system) and is thus able to utilize all the custom classifications that publishing houses have manually added to their product pool as well.

The Web App delivers full coverage of all configuration options for Klopotek product classifications. Users may hierarchically browse large category trees, assign comments or priorities to chosen categories, and choose from category drop-down lists depending on the PPM system configuration.

Category trees with thousands of industry categories may be difficult to work with. Visual and subject matter-oriented features support the user in identifying the relevant categories for their products. Annotations can be configured to give the user support in choosing the correct categories, for example to ensure that ‘thema’ qualifiers are set only in combination with ‘thema’ subject categories.


  • Index the content of Thema-relevant products
  • The ability to set up other industry classification systems (BISAC, BIC, etc.) as well as your own in-house product classifications
  • Enables editorial, sales and marketing users to identify the relevant categories easily and to classify products thoroughly and consistently with a minimum of effort
  • Access via browser or from within Klopotek PPM