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Contact Tracker

Create intelligent memos of your meetings

Following a meeting with a customer or prospect, it is obviously important to check and manage the notes you took, so you – and others in your organization – know how it went and what the next follow-up steps and to do actions are. To keep track of all important elements and to directly act if required, you can now use the web app Contact Tracker.

Responsibilities & actions to take easily defined

When creating a memo, you allocate a main contact person, and others, if applicable, and a responsible key account manager. The fields of interest of the person you met can be tagged with keywords (to be used in the search functionality of the app). And there is a field to add tasks to a to-do list related to the memo.

To print your memo as a contact report, you can choose a PDF or MS Word® file. (Templates are available from the Mail Merge Manager app.)

Sophisticated email functionality included

Communication regarding the respective memo can be done in the tool by using the integrated email functionality – for example, to write an update for a colleague, or to send additional information or an offer to the person you had the meeting with.  

Contact Tracker also provides an option to sort incoming emails and automatically link them to the respective memo: the result of this process is displayed in a memos list.

Export your search results

If you do a search for memos regarding a specific contact person or topic, it is easy to export the entire list (or a selection according to the criteria you select) to share it with other people in your organization. Prior to creating the document, you can check it using the preview feature.  

Seamlessly integrated across the STREAM platform

The information stored in Contact Tracker is also available in a dedicated widget of Contact 360°, your app for state-of-the-art business partner management with a personalized dashboard.

There is also an integration option with the Ticketing app, a component of our CRM solution to handle all incoming requests for information, questions, and complaints in a timesaving, customizable workflow. The memos created in Contact Tracker can become tickets in Ticketing, and it is possible to manage and process memos in this app.

STREAM is Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for an impressive user experience on any type of device. All our apps running on STREAM are seamlessly integrated and provide workflow support in an intuitive manner.


  • Memos of meetings created in a quick and easy way: including key words, next steps to be taken, responsible persons
  • Email functionality to directly send messages to colleagues and the person you had the meeting with (templates available)
  • Document creation & print functionality
  • Incoming emails can be automatically sorted by the tool according to key words
  • Search results lists of memos (filters available) can be exported & shared
  • Memos are also available in a dedicated widget of Contact 360° and can be handled in STREAM Ticketing