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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

CRM: We are already providing what the market is still discussing

How can you ensure that your organization will learn from your various target groups, so you can engage them in the best possible Customer Journey? With Klopotek’s unique CRM solution, you’ll address the right person with the right information at the right time – browser-based and on all types of devices. This can only be made possible by offering a full and seamless integration of various specialized technologies, each of them a leader in their specific functional segment.

Klopotek’s Title Management, Editorial & Production stores the ONIX title data, including data of chunks and components. The Klopotek Classification Manager enables you to classify product data based on major industry classification schemes.

All of this information is available at a publisher’s individually-designed portal, which includes an integrated CMS, product catalog, web shop, and self-service & my account capabilities. We have partnered with Liferay, a leader in the area of portal technology, meaning that a wide range of standard Liferay portlets as well as customized Klopotek portlets with an integrated connection to the Klopotek system are available. Web editors can create content pages, combine products and marketing information, and manage events and campaigns. Your various target groups have access to the portal via login and can search for content, browse and collect items to create collections.

The information that is stored about the various users accessing the portal is shared with specialized cloud tools fully integrated into Klopotek to plan, develop and coordinate marketing activities. Most importantly, Salesforce Sales Cloud is used for opportunity management, and Salesforce Pardot enables marketing automation.

Analyses of the marketing data are available in Klopotek’s Contact Manager 360° View for state-of-the-art business partner management featuring a personalized dashboard with configurable widgets (e.g. opportunities and offers widget, campaign widget, Twitter, RSS Feed, Google Maps, Ticket widget, Order and Subscription widgets). In this customizable 360° view (tailored to various roles), all information is available at a glance from Klopotek Order to Cash (orders, inspection copies etc.), Klopotek Title Management, Editorial & Production (product information), and Klopotek Customer Relationship Management (contact and address management, tickets), as well as financial data, invoice information and classifications. Follow-up interactions can be scheduled and automated utilizing this business partner management feature.

The integrated Ticketing System, developed by Klopotek, is connected with the portal (built on Liferay) and the 360° view for business partner management, so requests for information, questions and complaints etc. can be handled in a customizable workflow and are also directly linked with the integrated order processes provided via Klopotek standard web services: data from Klopotek Order to Cash ensures secure transactions for all types of content ordered via the portal, including inspection copies, as well as correct revenue recognition and tax rules for different countries. Accurate royalty processing is handled in Klopotek Contracts, Rights & Royalties which is a fully-integrated module. Royalty information, which is updated daily, is available for the publisher as well as for authors and their agents in Klopotek Authors Online.

The communication between the publisher (internal) or the call center (external) and the various target groups of a publisher is managed via the Contact Manager 360° View and the integrated Ticketing system.

The data from all these various elements of the solution is available in Klopotek Analytics, powered by Pentaho, a leading business intelligence and data integration platform. Analyzing the ‘big data’, including all the usage data, provides strategic information to the publisher to improve go to market and marketing strategies as well as to find better ways of presenting content. Klopotek Analytics features Business Intelligence, real-time and interactive reporting, scheduling and report distribution, slice-and-dice analytics, and dashboard design and data integration capabilities.

Are you looking for an end-to-end CRM solution which makes use of the appropriate state-of-the-art technology for each element? A solution which provides perfect integration of these elements, combining reliable and audit-proof parts for secure transactions and information processes with innovative browser-based parts (in the Cloud) for creative design and a role-based user experience? A solution which enables you to get the most of the (big) data created by the users, so you can constantly learn from them in order to improve their Customer Journey? A solution which is always up to date and accessible from anywhere, 24/7?

If so, you should ask us about Klopotek CRM as a part of our strategy to offer the best-available solutions to the market by combining technologies.

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