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Product Quality Manager

Makes it easy to monitor and enhance metadata quality on both a (large) title list and a single product level   

Backlist titles are often used as templates for creating new titles in ERP systems without checking in the first place if all metadata will be correct for the new title. And there are various other reasons – such as switching to a new system, adapting to changing market requirements, acquisitions of products from other publishers, etc. – why titles are often associated with wrong or incomplete metadata.

Improving your metadata will ensure that your titles are more likely to be found on the Web, and you will benefit from a greater acceptance among your distributors.

Our smart tool brings monitoring and improving metadata to a STREAM app level: easy to work with, accessible from anywhere and on any type of device. To cover all relevant aspects in this area, Klopotek’s Product Quality Manager provides two views on data management: the (large) title list and the single product level.

Title list level: check and manage large lists in a smart and simple way

The intelligent adaptive user interface shows all relevant information from different angles: the overall metadata quality level of the respective list, the progress of improving the data quality as the publication date of titles nears, and important quality issues.

Individual watch lists enable the users of your organization to keep track of the quality status of all titles in the list, to identify issues and areas where information is missing, to compare the quality level of titles, and to track the ‘bad’ ones.

All widgets can be configured based on user-specific criteria – including imprint, division, subject, user assignments – to create lists of titles that are tailored to the team that works on these products.

Our specific widgets of the Product Quality Manager summing up information on a title list level are the following:

  • Information on the overall metadata quality level for the selected lists
  • An intuitive chart view on the process of improving the data quality to make reoccurring issues and errors clear
  • The same widget (configured differently) can be used multiple times which makes it easy to compare data and / or get a complete overview of the entire product pool

Single product level: see which types of metadata need adjustments next to scheduled publication date

As this STREAM dashboard technology product is an extension of our highly configurable Product 360° app for a comprehensive overview of product information, widget ‘families’ for both metadata and general product data can be combined to give all types of users (data quality managers, but also editors and people in production) exactly the information they need.

The specific widgets for enhancing metadata quality on a single title level are:

  • An overview of the data quality status of the title
  • Information on which types of metadata are incorrect or missing
  • A list of all criteria to provide high-quality metadata with a drill-down functionality to single rules
  • Workflow-based quality checks
  • Information on the product family (quality status of different editions or version types)

All industry standards, such as ONIX, are fully supported. The app can also make title import processes that are necessary for retailers such as Amazon smoother and help to clean up your product pool.

Process Validation Manager

You decide, it’s your workflow: Process Validation Manager

STREAM puts you in charge of deciding what is important at which point in time: all quality rules and criteria, plus all workflow and approval steps, can be tailored to the functional roles of the users at a publisher using our Process Validation Manager app. This STREAM product is the administrative
basis for the Product Quality Manager.


  • Improving your metadata will ensure that your titles are more likely to be found on the Web
  • Provides both a (large) title list level and single product level view
  • Offers numerous widgets for enhancing metadata quality, but is also seamlessly integrated with the Product 360° app (so other important product data is also available in your dashboard)
  • The quality required for important industry standards, such as ONIX, can be controlled effectively Intuitive STREAM technology with highly configurable dashboard/widgets can be tailored to the individual needs of various types of users
  • Charts and clear views on titles / areas help to prioritize tasks, as the publication date nears
  • Helps to make title import processes for distributors such as Amazon smoother
  • Can be used to clean up your Product Pool
  • Supports a workflow-based approach for gathering and checking metadata
  • All quality rules and criteria, plus all workflow and approval steps, can be adapted in the Process Validation Manager STREAM app which is directly connected